success story
success story

Not being from a technical background is never a setback! Learning the concepts can surely help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. Learn more about Abhay Anand’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics in his own words.

I have mainly worked in core finance. I previously worked with The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation as a senior regulatory Data Analyst. My job was to submit shareholder disclosures on behalf of the bank and its subsidiaries across the globe as and when required. My journey wasn’t simple. But I always wanted to work for an investment bank. And, I literally lived my dreams in the last 5 years. 

As I said above, I was responsible to submit the shareholder disclosures on behalf of the bank and its subsidiaries across the globe as and when required.  

I wanted to learn certain tools like Python, Tableau (Didn’t know R and Python share similar values). Haha! I was not comfortable with technical concepts and I was always very keen on learning these essential tools.

The transition journey has been going on and on. I am still trying to find something relevant in this. This is just not an easy task I mean given this pandemic situation. No one is going to give you a free walkover here. Like I am a new comer here. I want to transition myself to a newer role because I would like to apply these techniques which I learnt during my course. 

This course has given me a great amount of confidence and also a clear vision of what I really want to do next in my career after spending 5 years with my last organization.

I have been so positive in all my interview applications. I really missed the counts ( of how many rounds of interviews). Anyways you need to keep pushing yourself for better goals and you need to act smarter. 

I got an offer with UBS on a contractual role. Though it’s just a telephonic confirmation. There is one last approval pending on their front. But it just made my day. As I have been going really crazy for the last couple of months. I feel grateful to everyone.

The mentor connects and the support from the Program Manager has played a very crucial role for me. Every one of them is so responsive and they understand you. It has been a great support through everyone at Great Learning. 

This journey has been great for someone like me. A guy coming from no technical background to loving this recent project ‘Machine Learning – Extended Version’ with terrible data to offer! What made me so happy about this is the successful delivery part. I completed this and I am so proud of this part!

Like I shared above. It’s truly amazing. The support is immense. Curriculum is just the way it should be. They have designed it so well.

Only upwards from here on. Learning shall be of continuous nature. I am looking forward to joining UBS next. This monday I should get a formal invite. And yeah, they are going to give me the opportunity to work on analytical tools. I totally look forward to applying all my learnings.

My Advice – Just be yourself. There has to be clarity. Be clear what you want to do with your career and remain brutal to this very idea. Things are possible. I mean if someone like me can go and do it then everyone can do it. Keep that faith! Things will come on. It took me 7 months to get this UBS. Believe me , every day was challenging throughout. Don’t give your hopes away and just be clear with the idea. I also ended up exhausting all my savings. I have to build it again. But nevertheless I feel completely okay with my choices.

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