After working in the industry for numerous years, you realise that upskilling is important to advance in your career. Here’s why Pathi Mohan decided to upskill with Great Learning’s PGP AIML Course

Tell us about your professional background. 

I have an overall experience of 13 years in the Automation sector. I started my career with a company in Bangalore, where I joined as a trainee. After working for over 1.2 years as a Software Engineer, I moved to Robert Bosch and worked for over 9 years. I took up various roles and worked on Automotive Embedded Systems. Then, I joined Mahindra Electric and took up multiple projects on building electric vehicles, for about 4 years. After this, I joined Sun Mobility. Currently, I am working with Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd.

Why Great Learning?

While working at Mahindra, I understood the need for improvising the Automation processes. During my course of work, I got stuck in a process and was not able to complete it. I realized that I had ideas but was not able to implement them. This incompetency drove me to search for institutes and finally led me to Great learning for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course.

Share your experience with the Capstone project.

My Capstone project was on the Raga classification in Carnatic Music. I dedicated all my time to this project since it would provide hands-on experience. The knowledge from this project helped me gain a better understanding of how Machine Learning techniques could be used in my domain. This helped me convince the interviewers at Ola Electrics.

What was the best thing about the AIML program at GL?

The course structure was great. It was suitable for every student in the class. The batch was very diverse in terms of the students, their experience, domain, understanding, etc. I believe it’s easy to teach students of the same level, but to teach students of different levels and relate the concepts to their domain, is a difficult task. The faculty was very experienced and was able to teach all of us.

How was your interview process at Ola Electrics? 

The interview with Ola Electrics had 4 rounds; 3 technical and 1 HR. In the technical rounds, they majorly tested me on how I can collaborate my learnings at GL with the offered role of the battery system. I had a few ideas and tried explaining them. I got selected and for now, I am in a managerial role with a 30% hike. I have been promised a switch to the Machine Learning domain once the team starts the department.



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