Career changes can be challenging. However, with the right assistance, the process is definitely smoother. Here is how Dr. Shrishail Sharad benefited from Great Learning’s AIML Course.

Tell us about your background. 

I am a professional engineer and research enthusiast. I have extensive research experience in the field of Signal Processing. I am extremely passionate about machine learning and computer vision.  

How has your journey been so far with Great Learning?

My program experience with the Great Learning team so far has been extremely good. I felt like I was on the right path while working towards changing my career goals. Right from the first interaction until now, the support by the Great Learning team has been beyond great. Their course faculty is best in class and their course content has been aptly designed — considering both pedagogical approach and industry requirements. What pulled me in completely was their focus on machine learning concepts and its implementation rather than just mathematical rigour. The mentoring sessions also turned out to be very insightful. Overall, it’s been a great experience of learning AIML concepts at Great Learning. I would definitely recommend it to every future aspirant. 

What are your career goals after this course?

Currently, I am working as an Assistant Professor. I am confidently guiding students on machine learning related projects. Of course, my first expectation is to become industry ready with necessary skills. Secondly, I also seek to apply my knowledge to solve real-world problems. I am just a few steps away from reaching my goal of being a machine learning engineer. 

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