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Cloud Computing has catered different needs of the world over the years. However, the world saw a drastic change in social aspects of human life at the start of the year 2020. This was due to the coronavirus, which has shaken the world entirely. In these trying and testing times, Cloud Computing services have helped address quite a few domains. In this article, we will be exploring the things the pandemic taught us about Cloud Computing and its usage.

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As mentioned earlier, the year 2020 has shaken the world beyond measure. The pandemic forced many businesses to shut down completely. Some struggled to survive, while others were able to flour. What people learned during these six months was how Cloud Computing can be harnessed to better business operations and also the limitations Cloud Computing brings with it.

World moving to Cloud Computing

With the lockdown in action across the globe from February 2020, we saw the world confined to our homes. People being instructed on social distancing. This meant many businesses were suffering. We saw schools, colleges and government offices closed for months. With time, the world realized the new normal was to be at home and try and contribute to the world from home. People started and continue to use online mediums for their daily activities. Be it ordering vegetables, attending classes, or even attending marriages. What this did was forced the world to start using Cloud Computing services.

When we talk of having a meeting on google hangouts calls, we are using Cloud Computing. Be it switching from theatres to Netflix for movies. It’s all cloud. Even government offices have started moving to cloud computing. Thus, we see Cloud Computing services catering to the worlds needs to keep it functioning under the lockdown and social distancing era.

Companies already on Cloud

The word has been discussing the importance of moving to cloud for half a decade. Some businesses were smart enough to move to the cloud earlier. These are the ones that survived this pandemic the best. Information Technology and online businesses were unharmed to a great extent. This was largely due to these businesses being online and their data lying on servers. This meant the companies could continue to function smoothly with their employees being able to operate from home.

What did the pandemic teach us about Cloud Computing?

What we learnt from the pandemic was Cloud Computing is very crucial, and to implement Cloud Computing you need teams that can operate on cloud and support its working. Hence, we soon learnt that though we have cloud, and know what cloud operations are, we rarely have the resources to put cloud operations in practice. The fact that we want users and employees to operate remotely using the cloud. We need people skilled in cloud operations and also the tools that help us maintain and monitor applications.

What we also saw was a tremendous increase in the use of public clouds and the need to access the Cloud resources by a widely distributed remote workforce, and we soon realized we needed resources or operational to cater these needs. And this where we see our current applications lacking.

The other aspect of Cloud Computing that was unattended until the time was the need to integrate with many devices across the globe. Hence the businesses saw themselves in a situation needing the Enterprise API strategies. With API integration becoming a must and there need to have applications that bind behaviour to data. The above problems can be taken care of by having secure and well-governed API’s. The other issue here is, even though we have many SaaS-based applications out there, we still need API’s that can access system data and services. These are API’s are something the world needs quick and fast.

With API’s and Cloud Ops discussed. Next lesson that we learnt is about the security of Cloud. What Cloud Computing does is it breaks its server and its resources under a virtual network. We have VPN’s and VPC’s that govern access for our resources. With employees working from home, the challenge is to keep the data secure, also letting the individuals access this data from home networks. What this has done is it has already comprised security in quite a few instances thus, making security concern for many. We have seen security threats increasing this year. This is one issue that needs quick attending.

However, this has been a turbulent year in many ways. The world has seen highly unexpected changes. Many dreams were put on hold for a major part of the world. However, a lot of things have changed, and we have seen this world adapting to these changes. As humanity, we tend to adapt and keep moving. In this journey, cloud computing has shown both positive and negative colours and helped mankind in many ways.

So that’s it for this article on things the pandemic taught us about Cloud Computing. We hope you liked this article and it helped you understand few pointers about Cloud Computing. In case of questions concerning Cloud Computing and Cloud Service vendors, please put those in the comment section below and somebody from our team would revert to you at the earliest. Happy Learning! If you wish to upskill in this domain, join Great Learning’s PGP Cloud Computing Course.



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