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If you are an IT professional, there is no way the causational disruptions of the digital economy, especially Analytics, haven’t stirred you up. Analytics finds relevance in the IT industry like no other industry. The first to inculcate analytics in all its functions, broaden its horizon to establish analytics as a norm, and make the shift to data-driven decision making was the IT industry. Our CEO, Mohan Lakhamraju quotes, “Like all knowledge professionals in the ’90s had to learn to use computers, today they need to learn Analytics.” This is most pertinent to IT professionals as people who fail to upskill now will not be able to thrive in the new digital economy or have successful careers. While there are several examples of how Analytics has transformed the IT industry, here are 5 case studies showcasing the biggest beneficiaries of the Analytics boom:

    1. Enabled a leading telecom company forecast customer retention with high accuracy – The client is one of the largest telecommunications company in the US and provides cable, broadband, and telephony services. With more than 300 M of subscriber base, the client owns and operates networks in multiple countries. It also provides telecommunications and IT services to corporate. Mu-Sigma developed a forecasting engine to predict customers’ propensity to churn improving accuracy by about 17%. Read the full detailspgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning
    2. Telecomm Client Saves €40 Million – When a large telecommunications company needed to improve service provider relationships, lower costs and reduce long procurement cycles, Gartner Consulting was called on to help. Gartner developed a new governance model to improve service provider relationships thereby achieving higher service value and saving €40 Million. Read the full report here to know the business challenges, approach, and results.
    3. Successful IT Transformation Through Structured Program Management – Gartner assisted a large government organisation in establishing a vision for transforming its IT environment. Several years after assisting with its initial IT outsourcing program, Gartner continues to partner with our client on its journey to achieve world-class services. Click here to know how they established two primary Tier IV data centers, with a 3rd for disaster recovery.
    4. Understand and predict key drivers of customer satisfaction – One of the world’s largest tech companies was looking to better understand the key drivers of its customer and partner experience program. It wanted to understand what drove satisfaction for each customer segment, and to be able to predict a satisfaction-score if it invests into a specific driver.  Fractal Analysis enabled the client to gain a globally live analysis that was capable of generating new viewpoints into trackers and satisfaction metrics. Read the several key considerations that went into designing this solution
    5. A Major U.S. City Government Develops a Sourcing Strategy and Outsources to Reduce Cost While Maintaining IT Service Levels: A City Government client was considering outsourcing of all or a subset of IT towers for the City. The client was seeking to develop a sourcing strategy and then to proceed with a potential outsourcing transaction for designated IT towers. Gartner conducted a detailed sourcing strategy phase to determine IT towers for potential outsourcing, timing and recommended sourcing model. Click here for complete information.

Sources: Mu-Sigma, Fractal Analytics, Gartner.
pgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning



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