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At present, we are going through an age of technological advancements. New technologies are transforming the work culture of different industries. Cloud computing technology has recently gained much importance in the global business sector. 

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, all major profit-making organizations are using cloud computing technology to ensure working spontaneously. Several teams and departments in an organization can work efficiently with proper communication and interrelation among them getting support from cloud computing technology. 

As per the study results of Cisco, 94% of the global workloads will be controlled by the leading cloud data centres of the world. Whereas, IDC recently showed that the 5-year CAGR for IaaS will increase by 33.7%.

New trends of Cloud Computing in 2021

We present to you the prominent trends of the cloud computing market that are projected for 2021. If you are planning to start up a business, and planning to take the cloud route, go through the details about the trends.

Hybrid Cloud Computing to take the front seat

Many companies already use the hybrid cloud computing system to upkeep their workflow and production. Many experts believe that by 2021, numerous organizations will take on hybrid cloud computing.

The main advantages that you can expect to get from hybrid cloud computing are optimum speed, outstanding control, and enhanced security.

The hybrid cloud minimizes latency that results in a boost of data speed. Moreover, you get a chance to customize the hybrid cloud as per your necessities. Security standards are high as you get dual coverage of both private and public cloud security in it. Finally, the hybrid cloud is beneficial because of its omnipresence.

FaaS up-gradation and implementation in cloud computing

FaaS (also known as Function as a Service) is a leading subpart of the cloud computing service. It supports a developer with code implementation while avoiding the adoption of complex infrastructures.

FaaS is a part of serverless computing and primarily focuses on gateways, storage, API and competitions. All of these are FaaS service categories. Being an easier service, unlike its IaaS and DaaS counterparts, it allows the developer to save time on coding. You can generate complicated codes with FaaS faster.

By 2021, more tech giants will choose FaaS as a tool for their regular work. According to a study by Cision, FaaS can experience a market expansion of nearly USD7.72 million. As a result, the annual growth rate will reach up to 32.7%.

As FaaS becomes the trendy cloud computing service by the next year, you should make plans to use it to ensure maximized productivity and efficiency.

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Combined services of Big Data, Cloud Computing and IoT

Cloud computing is expected to improve in 2021 as it combines with Big Data and IoT. The leading tech giants will surely incorporate the combined services, making it a trend. Both Big Data and IoT are recent technologies, and several organizations are running on their support.

Big Data provides information related to a particular enterprise after it is processed and analyzed. IoT is the concept where the physical devices with proper interconnection can be for production.

As per expectations, if cloud computing merges up with big data and IoT, a company can enhance its production. Companies can get access to the crucial data of their competitors and put more effort into making better business decisions for the future.

Furthermore, as Big Data merges up with cloud computing, you can avoid facing the situation of data overload while running an organization as it all remains in the cloud.

DRaaS updates and its implementation in cloud computing

As FaaS upgrades, DRaaS is also expected to follow its path by 2021. Once updated, DRaaS and FaaS can form an excellent system that most organizations can work with.

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) can ensure safety for the environment of cloud computing. An organization can avoid negativity due to several unfavourable circumstances, like malfunctions in the driver, cyberattacks and other calamities when it comes to production. 

If you are running an IT company, the updated DRaaS can be a useful service for you. You can observe many organizations that take the support of DRaaS to safeguard their data and implement the same strategy.

You should be aware of the other DRaaS benefits for which it can become trendy in 2021. It can act as a saviour to both hardware and software licenses of a company and spot the organization’s drawbacks and risks in the fields of portability and mobility.

As DRaaS becomes trendy in the years to come, its CAGR is expected to grow by 17%. The global IT giants will be the early adopters of the updated DRaaS talking its market size over USD 3,260 million.

Cloud computing to become trendy due to passive reasons

There are some passive reasons for cloud computing to become trendy in 2021. Here are the details:

A boost up in Public Cloud Revenue

As per cloud computing market experts, investments in the public cloud can grow by an approximate amount of 19.7% in 2021. This will happen as most companies around the world will invest in cloud computing.

Moreover, there is a fair chance for mankind to overcome the COVID-19 crisis by 2021. As a result, the number of companies in the IT industry will boost. The tech giants who are already working with cloud computing can invest in implementing the latest updates of various services that come under cloud computing.

Maximization of IT spending

As per the reports from experts, the IT spendings will experience a 26% increase in 2021. It will happen as the IT sector faces a market boom in the next year. There are four leading cloud domains where you can observe the growth, like infrastructure software, business outsourcing, system infrastructure and application software.

Final words

Cloud computing has been a great support for the global industries right since its inception. However, it is continuously going through updates. These updates help a company to enhance its service quality and production.

You can expect many positive changes to occur in the field of cloud computing in 2021. If you are planning to start a business that needs cloud support, look for a reliable provider. Consider inquiring about the provider about these trends and if they can guide you to get the most from cloud computing.

The leading factors to consider while taking are cloud service are:

  • Security: You should check if a particular cloud provider is providing a cloud with features, like data encryption, prevention systems and firewalls.
  • Access to Data Center: Data centres ease the cloud computing experience. It helps you to get a network with minimum latency that helps you to complete any task fast.
  • Backup: Cloud service providers always have a setup for backup, and you must be aware of it. You should see if the data backup procedure is easily graspable and efficient.

The 2021 trends of the cloud computing market ensure continuous improvement in the market. So, you can start planning up your business and enjoy outstanding profits. The future of the cloud computing market is also promising as it will go through more advancements in the years to come.

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