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Amidst the global pandemic that we are currently facing, Data Scientists are actively doing their best to come up with solutions that can help flatten the curve. Here are the latest advancements in the world of Data and Analytics that have taken place over the past week. 

Governor Emphasizes How New Jersey Is Using Data to Fight the Coronavirus

“Our fight against the coronavirus is nothing less than a war, and thus requires a strategy to win. And, in New Jersey, our strategy — and every decision we make regarding the virus — is informed, guided, and anchored by data,” says Gov. Phil Murphy. From predicting the spread of coronavirus to informing decisions on social distancing, data is enabling us to govern based on facts. It helps in measuring when, and where our efforts should be placed. Data allows us to stay prepared about what is happening around us and what to expect next. 

COVID-19: Proving that business logic & domain knowledge is king in Data Analytics & Data Science

The healthcare industry is currently relying heavily on insights from sources such as Johns Hopkins University CSSE, COVID Tracking Project, WHO, and several other initiatives. Each state in the US is publishing their states insights locally, such as several patients on ventilators, total tests administered, and more. Forecasting models, Machine Learning algorithms and tools used for visualization are extremely important today. This testing time in our life has shown us how important data, analytics, and data science are. And how important it is to understand what this data means. 

How Budding Data Scientists And Students Can Leverage Lockdown

With the outbreak of coronavirus and everything that came after, students now have more time on hand than ever before. Educational information, blogs, YouTube videos are available on the internet today and can prove to be very useful in times like these. The blog talks about how a budding Data Scientist can make use of this period in an effective manner, what he/she can study to stay relevant, and how one can take up mini-projects that will not only add value to your resume but also give you hands-on experience about the industry. 

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Introducing Neo4j for Graph Data Science, the First Enterprise Graph Framework for Data Scientists

Neo4j, a leader in graph technology has announced the availability of Neo4j for Graph Data Science. This is the first Data Science environment that has been built to harness the predictive power of relationships and helps in enterprise deployments. It combines a graph database and a native graph analytics workspace for an easy-to-use experience. The framework also ensures that Data Scientists can confidently operationalize machine learning models and infer behavior based on network structures. 

For more weekly digests on Data Science, watch this space. You can upskill with our PGP – Data Science Program today. 



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