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As we celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2020, let us use this opportunity to celebrate women in the field of Data Science and Analytics and take a look at their achievements. Here are the latest trends that have taken place over the past week. 

20 Women doing fascinating work in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science are hot topics in the current world of technology. In light of International Women’s Day, Silicon Republic has listed 20 terrific women and how they are making a difference in the tech world. From studying natural hazards to improving speech recognition for children, each of these women has made a difference to the world. Alison O’Shea, one among the 20 women on the list, has developed a Deep Learning algorithm that focuses on detecting seizures. 

Better treatment through Big Data

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, physical therapy makes you feel better. Physical therapists make use of patient satisfaction scores and consider factors such as the range of motion of the knee or shoulder, etc. With the help of Big Data, it becomes possible to make improvements in the way patients are being treated. With the help of data collection, analysis and forming new and better techniques to ask questions, coming up with a more efficient plan will enable better treatment of ailments. 

Indian manufacturing firms rank big data, predictive analytics as top investment priority: EY

Predictive Analytics and Big Data continue to capture manufacturers’ attention. According to an EY study, these technologies are ranked as the top investment priority over the next 1-2 years. While IoT comes in second place and cloud/ integrated platforms along with robotic automation rank as the third key priority for investment. Connected supply chain, reduced energy consumption, production optimisation, lower price of sensors, and high computing needs are the key factors driving digital manufacturing in India.

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Latest Job Vacancies in Data and Analytics 

As automation leads the job market, digital technologies such as Data Analytics and Machine Learning take the centre stage. A survey done by ed-tech platform Great Learning and Analytics Vidhya reveals that India has 50,000 job vacancies in Data and Analytics. Business Insider puts together a collection of job openings in various organisations every week. This week, they have listed openings in the world of Data Science and Analytics. The list includes the name of the hiring company, eligibility, work experience required, and the job location.  

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