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You may have heard that Executive PGPM is the key to a lucrative job and plush life. And, that is true. Master of Business Administration programs are extremely coveted for the sole reason that employers will always prefer a candidate with an Executive PGPM over others. This program gives you an edge over others along with a head start in the rat race. But, once you’ve made up your mind to pursue an MBA program, the next question that will pop up in your mind is that among the plethora of MBA Specializations, which one should you sign up for? The decision can be life-defining, and hence, you should not rush into it. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most in-demand MBA Specializations and the paychecks you can expect.

Popular MBA Specializations: Finance

You might think that an MBA specialisation in finance will get you a cushy securities firm or investment bank job. But, there is so much more to this MBA specialisation! It can be your entry point to a well-paid job in the corporate world. You see, every firm, company or business needs a finance/accounts team. With your MBA in finance degree, you can eventually become a firm’s finance or accounting manager, and your team will prepare financial reports. You can become a financial analyst who will be handling the company’s finances and developing strategies to help it save money and prosper. You can also become an asset manager, cash manager, credit risk manager, hedge fund manager, treasury manager, equity manager, etc.

If you have a good head for numbers and love planning strategically, then among all the MBA Specializations, finance will be apt for you. With this degree, you’d have in-depth knowledge of factors that affect the financial world, how to shape a strategic plan to tide over financial crises, mergers or laws that govern a company’s finances and help to steer your firm away from financial turmoil. You’d get plenty of opportunities to make a successful career in merchant banking, financial institutions, finance consultancies, etc.

With an Executive PGPM in Finance, you can expect a minimum salary of INR 7 lakh annually as a beginner. The company you work for, the city, and your experience will determine how much you make. 

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Popular MBA Specializations: Marketing

Among all the different MBA Specializations, without a doubt, Executive PGPM marketing is one of the most popular. All companies need marketers to sell their products and services and set aside a huge chunk of their budget for this department. It is a challenging job, but if you are a highly innovative individual who thrives in a creative environment and loves to prepare unique strategies, then you will be a perfect fit for the marketing industry. This degree equips you for a leadership role and teaches you to take on immense responsibilities. You can find fruitful employment in any industry – healthcare, retail, information technology, media, etc. With your exhaustive knowledge of market trends, you will be scooped up by companies. You can try out any of the following roles – business marketing, analytical marketing, competitive marketing, business marketing, retail management, advertising, etc. 

Executive PGPM in marketing can get you upward of INR 7.5 lakh per annum as an entry-level employee. With promotions, your paycheck is bound to become more handsome. 

Popular MBA Specializations: Operations management

We live in a commercial world where demand for products is increasing by the day. Innovation in production technology and the rise of e-commerce and enhanced manufacturing had induced businesses to hire a new kind of professional – experts in operations management. Another of the different MBA Specializations that is almost the same as operations management is logistics and supply chain management. This degree gives you a unique perspective on client demand, the ability to predict the demand curve in the future, a deep understanding of the different components of the supply chain, etc. 

Operations managers are expected to find ways to minimise disruptions in production and supply so that customers can continue to rely on the company for delivering products or services. You will be tasked with infusing extreme efficiency in the firm’s operations. Some job titles associated with this MBA specialisation are inventory manager, logistics manager, purchasing manager, a consultant for operations, sales manager, warehouse manager, plant manager, etc.

Among all the MBA Specializations, MBA in operations management is likely to get you some of the highest-paying management jobs. Usually, operations managers earn around INR 8 lakh a year as a beginner. 

Popular MBA Specializations: Human Resources

All companies have HR teams, and this job is one of the most challenging and tricky among all. If you are thinking about pursuing one among the many MBA Specializations, then opt for HR if you have great interpersonal skills and can communicate effortlessly. Executive PGPM trains you to manage a company’s workforce. Any firm’s productivity and performance will be determined by how well you do your job. HR professionals not only hire skilled employees, but they are also responsible for retaining them and ensuring a peaceful ambience prevails at the workplace by addressing employee complaints. They also need to be familiar with labour laws and amendments to ensure that the company does not run afoul of the government’s rules or get drawn into lawsuits. 

As an entry-level HR manager, you can expect to earn anything between INR 6.5 lakh and INR 7.5 lakh per annum. 

MBA Specializations are multitudinous and all sure to help candidates land their dream jobs. You need to carefully weigh your interests and abilities before you decide which Specialization you should pursue. You can also opt for online MBA courses which offer the convenience of learning from home whenever the time is right for you. You also get a chance to avail weekend internships. So, if you are already a working professional, then Executive PGPM would be ideal for you. 

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