Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders

Leverage the power of AI to become a qualified business leader and improve business outcomes

  • 4 Month
  • Online + Live Virtual Sessions

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What Sets the PGP-AIFL Apart

Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Designed to cover business-relevant and strategic facets of AI
  • Build sound foundations in AI for business: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and more
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Live Sessions with Industry Experts
  • 50+ hours of live sessions with experts to build industry context
  • 9+ case studies and multiple industry applications to form a strategic understanding of AI
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Hands-on Training
  • 5 projects and 1 capstone project, with personalised feedback from experts
  • 8+ hands-on exercises to master practical foundations
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Working Professional
Build sound foundations in AI for business: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and more
Career Support
50+ hours of live sessions with experts to build industry context
Industry Project
5 projects, 1 capstone project, and 8+ hands-on exercises for practical training
Salary Hike
9+ case studies and multiple industry applications to form a strategic understanding of AI

Strategic AI Program for Business Leaders & Senior Managers

4 months | Online Mentorship

Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin

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Faculty Director, PGP-AIFL

H. Timothy (Tim) Harkins Centennial Professor Faculty Director, Center for Research and Analytics

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MS & PhD: Stanford University

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Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence For Business Leaders By Great Learning

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending fields of technology. In the coming years, businesses of all domains are going to be impacted significantly for good. As a business leader, it is important to stay ahead with all the technological changes and also use them to grow your business. That is where the Artificial Intelligence for Leaders come into the picture. This course is mainly for all business leaders who are newly introduced to the concept of AI and want to learn the context of AI in business and its basic tools and techniques.  

It is extremely important to understand how organizations in the future are going to benefit, apply and build from AI and its techniques. 

What is AI for Business Audiences?

  • It’s easy to get caught up in the numerous implications and predictions of AI spread in the news and the articles. The impact is definitely not negligible and it can be seen in our daily lives and uses. 
  • Businesses are extremely unconventional. A lot of factors matter in making a business successful, from revenue to costs, customers as well as competition, everything is equally important. Hence, upgrading with time and technology is also essential. 
  • There are plenty of definitions of the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for a business audience. It puts out different meanings and messages for different audiences. Some are philosophical, some are technical, some are extremely layman and generic showcasing the use of AI in our daily lives such as self-driving cars, voice recognition assistants etc. 
  • Artificial Intelligence is defined as intelligence demonstrated by machines as they behave listen and act like humans. There are a lot of terms used to describe Artificial Intelligence but for business audiences, it is mainly about the actions, insights and outputs. 
  • For business, “AI” means computer-based systems that perform, enhance or transform business activities by simulating human behaviour, with the aim of improving business efficiency or effectiveness.”

Important Points for Business Leaders

  • One needs data in large chunks and different forms to be able to use AI effectively in your business.

  • More computing power and storage is needed along with some additional skills than the existing technological techniques available in the teams.

  • You will get to discover various ways to use AI technology with the amount of data you get through your system. 

  • With the increase in the use of data and AI technologies, the opportunities to make money and grow will also increase. 

  • With the right to use AI technology, as a business leader of a large team, the business will achieve growth and improvements. You take ownership of AI-related tasks with the understanding of its tools and techniques. 

  • As a business leader, you will determine how the organization is reactive towards the opportunities and risks that come their way and help the team achieve success in the field of AI. 

  • You may find yourself fighting with challenges, facing dilemmas related to AI technology, and its implications just to keep up the pace. 

How AI is Superior to Humans ?

Knowing the business is one thing but leading all business problems related to AI is another. One needs to keep in mind a crucial factor which is to bring complete cognitive ability into the picture which basically helps a leader do reasoning, complex problem-solving, planning, and thinking. Artificial Intelligence is also known to be all this and more. It is the measure of cognitive capabilities which when shown by machine, is known as Artificial Intelligence. 

How can we construct an AI system? It is a valid question and is faced by numerous people while adopting AI in their daily lives. What are the basic cognitive operations, necessary conditions, formal language, etc. to use and understand AI? 

AI systems are supposed to behave like human thinking. It understands complex real-world problems, learns from past experience, knows the data, and come to conclusions, talk in natural language, and a lot more abilities like humans.  

AI mainly can be created in four ways: thinking humanly, thinking rationally, acting humanly, and acting rationally. Knowledge, reasoning, language understanding, and learning are the major components of AI technology. 

Rational thinking is a huge part of the overall technology. It should know what is the right thing to do. For instance, if we talk about autonomous vehicles, it is often complex to understand how it differentiates between a tree or an old woman, that is where rational thinking is required. 

The goal of AI is quite clear. It is meant to resemble human intelligence through its expert system and in fact surpass human-level intelligence in the coming future.  Let us see how other aspects of Artificial Intelligence work. 

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine Learning is a complex yet important part of AI technology. It is a category of algorithms that helps applications be smart and accurate about all calculations and also predicting outcomes without any major programming. Machines learn with the help of samples for algorithms and past outcomes. 

Here are some machine learning models: 

  • Supervised learning: It can be mainly classified into two categories of algorithms - classification and prediction. For example, the linear and logistic regression, neural networks, multi-class classification, support vector machines, and more. 

  • Unsupervised learning: This part of the Machine Learning technique basically helps in finding the right patterns in data without using any label. Some examples of unsupervised learning methods are autoencoder, cluster analysis, etc.

  • Reinforcement learning: This method of Reinforcement learning is all about judging a particular situation and then taking suitable action against it. It is known to maximize the reward from the expected outcome in any situation. It uses training datasets to performs tasks but if there are no datasets then it learns from past experience.  

This is just one side of the story, Deep Learning, on the other hand, is a broader family part of the Machine Learning tools and techniques which is based on artificial neural networks. Some of the commonly known Deep Learning algorithms are CNN, RNN, image recognition, etc. These techniques of Deep Learning are extremely crucial in the running of intelligent systems and are used to improve the overall performance other than the use of other techniques of AI. 

Artificial Intelligence for Leaders Online Course in The USA

There are so many ways to upskill yourself these days with the help of so many online courses that exist today. Every course has its own uniqueness but learners still struggle to find that one course which can help them upskill in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and translate their knowledge into something extremely tangible and give them the ability to excel as an AI/ML business leader. 

Looking at the need for understanding the basics of AI technology for business leaders to help solve AI-related problems in the system, the University of Texas at Austin has come up with a Post-graduate program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders in collaboration with Great Learning. This course is designed to give the academic rigor at the convenience of your time and pace. It gives you the required learning to be an AI-equipped business leader without taking time off from your daily work and personal life. This online course is designed in such a way, that it provides maximum learning support from the industry experts and peer interaction just like a full-time course.  

In this program, you get a comprehensive curriculum, which covers the globally used tools and techniques in the AIML industry along with hands-on learning experience. This online learning journey is structured to keep you on track throughout the course as you keep learning and achieving weekly milestones with your mentor and access as much knowledge as possible from their industry experience. 

This program by UT Austin follows a “learn by doing” pedagogy, which allows you to apply all your skills and knowledge in real-time and also gives you the opportunity to interact with your mentors through weekly mentor-led sessions, hands-on projects, quizzes and more. All these steps enable you to understand the concepts of AI and the use of data to build your portfolio for upcoming opportunities in your career.  

This online program empowers every manager, leader or business person to use his skills, and job market insights to find better opportunities or grow his team in the same organization with the hands-on learning of AI technology. All this is backed by the credibility, global advantage, and academic leadership of McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. 

Who is this program for?

AI for Leaders is an intensive online program for leaders who want to:

  • Understand enough AI to be able to make important choices and decisions

  • Develop the ability to identify the scope and manage projects in AI

  • Deliver transformative projects to external and internal clients and stakeholders

  • Manage technical teams through the lifecycle of AI projects

  • Make appropriate choices when deciding between ‘tech stacks’ or products

  • Lead organizations new to the AI world as they develop AI-enabled products and services

Any professional from the following roles are eligible to enroll themselves in the program: Product Manager, Business Head, Delivery Manager, Account Manager, Team Lead, Engineering Manager, Data Science Consultant, Marketing Manager, R&D Manager, and more. This program lets you learn the power of AI and leverage it in building products, and services for the clients. The program is designed to help you focus on applications of the technology through case studies and real-world problems. It covers all concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning to have a clear understanding without getting too much into the technical information. 

Program Benefits of Online PGP AI For Leaders  :

Undoubtedly, the influence of Artificial Intelligence has been steadily extending over businesses around the world, which has automatically created a huge demand for AI professionals. This demand is mainly focused on achieving specific business outcomes along with the opportunities available for all AI qualified professionals around the globe. It is really important to use emerging AI professionals in the right way to leverage their productivity in the best possible way and grow businesses everywhere in all domains. With this, there is now a huge demand for AI-equipped business leaders as well. 

It is high time, we accept that AI is no more going to be the next big thing because it is already being leveraged by businesses to make high-tech products and services and maximize the scale of delivering the best to the customers using the AI technology. Notwithstanding the fact that the success of any business using AI bows down to the leadership behind it and thus understanding AIML concepts, its capabilities and limitations are extremely important for business leaders nowadays to transform their system. 

Our online Post-Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders is a 4-month intensive online program for leaders who want to use the knowledge of data and AI to make informed strategic business decisions. It is suitable for all kinds of business professionals whether tech-savvy or not who wish to learn the power of AI in their daily decision making and the journey of growing their business. It can be taken up by product managers, directors, category managers, CXOs, delivery managers, senior managers, team leads, etc. who want to upskill and use their knowledge to grow their business and team. 

The program is based on a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on a conceptual and real-world case-based approach which eventually helps in making informed business decisions in scenarios related to AI and also helps in improving business outcomes. Following are its major advantages: 

  1. Mentored Learning sessions with Industry Experts

  2. Projects that don’t require coding experience

  3. Real-world case studies to build industry context

  4. Domain understanding coupled with technical coverage

  5. Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin

  6. Capstone Project to consolidate your learning

The Program Structure Of PGP -AIFL

In this program, you will learn through case studies, hands-on projects, and a complete understanding of AI concepts. It is delivered in an online format with recorded content and mentored learning sessions that give you support throughout to clear your doubts and gain industry knowledge.  

  • 4-Month Program

  • 8 Mentored Learning Sessions

  • 4 Industry Sessions

  • 5 Hands-on Projects + 1 Capstone Project

Why choose Great Learning for PGP-AIFL online course in the USA?

With our PGP-AIFL course online you get a hands-on training experience and practical-based learning which mainly helps you to use the maximum of your skills in solving business-related problems using the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), Olympus, supports a learner at each stage of the program with quizzes and tests to make sure that you possess complete knowledge of AI technologies and its implications. Once you enroll to the program, you get many amazing benefits like peer interaction, networking with industry experts, etc. The following are some benefits of enrolling in our online program in AI for leaders:

Flexibility : Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages as learners have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Olympus, the Learning Management System (LMS) provides access to video lectures and mentored sessions. The learners can watch missed sessions using one login and enter into a discussion on the discussion forum as per their convenience. It can be used through any device at any location without any restriction. The PG program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders by UT Austin will help you build a substantial body of work and an industry-ready portfolio in AI without having to quit your job or hinder your work or personal life balance.

Budget-Friendly  : The Artificial Intelligence for Leaders online certification course delivered by the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with Great Learning is extremely budget-friendly keeping in mind all your requirements. The easy payment options make it extremely convenient for learners or professionals to enroll in the course and invest in a bright and better future. 

Evaluation System : This online course is structured to provide you learnings at your pace with complete assessment of your skills and Live Mentored Sessions by industry leaders on weekends to allow you time for yourself. It is a perfect program for working professionals who want to upskill while working and grow in either the current organization or are looking for better opportunities in the future. The evaluation system allows you to work towards progress with the help of weekly quizzes and tests that will evaluate your real-world AI understanding. It also evaluates your performance based on your projects and a minimum of 60% of marks is necessary for you to complete the course and get the certification online for PGP Artificial Intelligence for Leaders. Once the learners successfully complete the course, they get a certificate from the University of Texas at Austin directly.


There is not just one but a lot of other factors that make Great Learning one of the best platforms to offer an online PG Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders. With its best teaching techniques in the form of recorded video lectures, live mentoring sessions from the faculty of UT Austin and the experienced Industry Leaders around the globe, it is purely an amazing learning experience for all. With a dedicated Program Manager that assists with academic & non-academic queries throughout the program journey; The program also unlocks career opportunities with personalized 1:1 career coaching and interview preparation. With Post Graduate Program in AIFL, learn applications of AI in areas such as Neural Networks, Computer Vision & NLP, and use them to benefit your team and organization excel in the field.