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Batch of November 2019 | Managing Director at MGIBA Technologies (South Africa)
The Post Graduate Program in AI&ML has taken my perspective of data into a whole new perspective almost like an extra pair of eyes. I have been able to scrutinize the completeness of data and what it means for the future in the context of customer behaviour, healthcare and recently the statistics presented to us on COVID19 pandemic. I would highly recommend this course for anyone tasked with making complex predictions using data analysis, modelling and other AI/ML techniques.
Batch of April 2019 | Technical Project Manager Delivery at Cognizant
Best positives of this program - way the project assignments are structured. It always keep learners occupied and busy with hands on skills giving needed confidence to approach a ML case study and use cases. I am able to feel the difference in myself that I have better confidence of taking the ML problems to solve now compared to how I was before this program. So, definitely hats off to Program team for structuring the project assessments giving opportunities for learners to do deep dive.
Batch of February 2020 | Application Architect at Duferco Steel Processing (South Africa)
I signed up for PGP - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course with Great learning and the University of Texas to improve my skills and learn new content to apply to my software development life cycle in the area of ERP Software development and enrich my knowledge. I am very satisfied with the way that content is presented professionally via weekly video tutorials and hands-on projects during the week. This is explained in detail and clearly, and you can see much thought went into the preparation of the material. These weekly sessions are followed by mentor sessions and the mentor presenting it always come over as very knowledgeable in this field of study. The mentor sessions always feel engaging as it is in a small group of people and you can review the week learning and clear any doubts you might have. Overall, the modules follow on each other to make the journey to accomplish the ultimate goal of learning AI and Machine Learning easier. I always get the feeling with constant feedback and communication that there is somebody on the other side even if you study remotely. Staff also present themselves in a professional and friendly way. I want to thank the staff for the wonderful opportunity you are giving me to learn something new and enrich my skill set.
Batch of January 2020 | Executive Manager at Qottuf Aljazeera Company , Saudi Arabia
As Computer Engineer, missing technical skills that because of the managerial roles for long time was always there. However, busy schedule during the day and obligations after that; online studies was challenge and might be difficult to commit to the requirements and assignments - This was what I'm expecting - I accepted that challenge and enrolled on AIML program; when I started, it wasn't as I expect WHY? The way of teaching including the simple, easy, useful video lectures; thanks for Mr. Bala who led the weekly mentored session; with his way of teaching that allow me to ask, share and clarify information with others which make things easy, enjoyable and useful. The speed of support by Shweta (my program Manager) on whatsApp as well as the website helps me to continue work with no stop. Overall, study with great-learning with their innovated way of teaching improves and fine-tune the skills. I recommend the course as start to AI and ML field.
Batch of January 2020 | Solution Architect at Lesedi Consulting - BMW Group (South Africa)
· Despite challenging times in the world with the pandemic, Great Learning as an education provider is still able to run its course smoothly and without any interruptions. · Currently in these tough economic times I have been facing tight deadlines at work to continue to deliver, despite these time constraints that I have the Greater Learning course is able to offer me complete flexibility in my studies. · One of the advantages is the weekly mentored learning sessions where one can engage with other students on the course and share our challenges. This provides great student support as you find that you are not alone in your studies and that the mentor is able to assist with any questions you might have. I find that in the mentored learning sessions I learn the most because the mentor goes through all the course work of the week and clarifies any uncertainty that I may have. · The main advantage of this course is the dedicated program manager who is always willing to help and assist students to be able to submit their quizzes and assignments. The program managers main goal is to help you succeed in your studies and pass the course. · I find that the assignments are quite relevant to real world business scenarios and make the course material very relevant. · Humbly I would like to thank Greater Learning for the good experience that I am having on the course and I look forward to attending many of their other courses on offer.
Batch of May 2020 | Commissioning Engineer at Exxon Mobil
Had an exciting time with the instructor and it made AI simple
Batch of January 2020
An overall outstanding program designed by Great Learning. The mentors offer astounding service to all the students! Thank for your great effort and care :)
Batch of April 2020 | Performance (Energy) Engineer at General Electric Aviation
To Selvam: Thank you very much, the program was great. As expected, a few of the sessions required a lot of coding, it was more than understandable, and this is in fact what I was expecting, so I found the program so nice and clear. Thank you.
Batch of January 2020
This is an excellent program by Great Learning. The examples were very relevant and on-point. Doubts were also cleared. The concepts of K-Means clustering was further broken down into a simpler form for easier understanding
Batch of May 2020 | Maintenance Engineer at T & F Jewellers (South Africa)
The course is great. I am having a great learning experience with my group and my mentor. I truly appreciate the patience of my Mentor. They were so patient with guys like me that have almost no programming experience, they answer every question with clear examples. I also really like the entire structure of the course.
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