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Stanford Advanced Cyber Security Program Reviews

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Batch of October 2020 | Assoc. Delivery Manager at Ust Global
Mayank is the best tutor I ever had in Great learning. Request to assign him for all courses
Batch of August 2020 | Information Security Specialist at Confidential Full Time
Amazing! I love how the instructor described buffer overflow!
Batch of October 2020
Excellent! Thorough knowledge of subject and fluid delivery.
Batch of May 2020 | Client Technology Specialist at School Board Full Time
Great presentation and the presenter was very interactive, willing to share and even challenged us to put the theory into practice. Thanks so much for this session. Kudos!
Batch of October 2020
Overall excellent. Real world examples with step by step instruction. Thank You!
Batch of October 2020
Overall excellent. Highly knowledgeable on the topic of network security. Delivered in a coherent and fluid manner.
Batch of October 2020
Organized, articulate and detailed explanations. Excellent!
Batch of October 2020
Excellent job. Articulate and clear delivery of explanations.
Batch of October 2020
Presented clearly with great examples. Excellent job!
Batch of June 2019
The Faculty team were really supportive. Siddanth was very helpful in understanding what the key objectives were. it was great having someone understanding what my weak areas were and how to help me overcome them.
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