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Crash Course on Front End Development - HTML, CSS, Java Script


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About this Live Course

This Live course will cover all the concepts of HTML, CSS and Javascript. This course is specially designed to help you understand the basic concepts of front end development that you need help in. This course will help you with interview questions around HTML, CSS and Javascript which help you crack interview for roles such as Front-End Developer.

- Total Live Course Duration: 7 hours
- Live Classes: Weekdays, 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM

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Concepts covered

  • HTML Basics
  • Basic Tags
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Selectors
  • Box Model and CSS Properties
  • Arrays
  • Advanced array function
  • Advanced function
  • ...

Class Schedule

  • Introduction to HTML
    Thu, 17 Dec, 7:15 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Introduction to CSS
    Fri, 18 Dec, 7:15 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Introduction to JavaScript
    Wed, 23 Dec, 7:15 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Data Structures in JavaScript
    Thu, 24 Dec, 7:15 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Conditional Statements and Loops in JavaScript
    Mon, 28 Dec, 7:15 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Functions in JavaScript
    Tue, 29 Dec, 7:15 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Exception Handling, OOPs and DOM
    Wed, 30 Dec, 7:15 PM IST
    1 hr

About the Mentor

Mr. Faizan Parvez

Great Learning


Faizan has been working as an Instructor of Data Structure and Algorithm for the last 1 year. He has expertise in languages such as Java , JavaScript etc. He is a Subject Matter Expert in the field Computer Science and a competitive programmer. He has been working in the technical content development and is a Research Analyst .
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