“An impressive 85% of companies that are succeeding with analytics (i.e. those organizations that consider themselves to be analytics pacesetters in their markets and have an enterprise-wide analytics strategy in place) are seeing revenue growth greater than 7%. Less than a quarter of analytics laggards reach that percentage,” according to Forbes Insights/Cisco research. Hence, an aversion to analytics is a recipe for disaster for big, mid-, or small-size organizations alike. This may not come as a surprise because when it comes to companies reaping the benefits of business analytics and data science, there is really nothing new to say.
However, we still cannot talk enough about the relevance that this all-pervasive data-driven approach being taken by businesses has had for working professionals. Be it any domain you are working in, chances are that adding analytics capabilities to your skillset is inevitable. If you are a marketing professional, someone around you is upskilling and learning analytics or there is a new member on the team especially for marketing analytics supporting your campaigns and performance marketing goals. A similar movement can be seen in all industry verticals.
India Scenario
India is one of the most promising markets in the growth of analytics. According to NASSCOM, the total demand for analytics and AI-based roles in India is around 510000 in 2018 which will further increase to approximately 800,000 by 2021. An unexpected supply-gap in analytics job profiles makes learning analytics highly lucrative for professionals in all domains, IT and BFSI being at the top. That is not to say that other domains like Healthcare, Aviation, Sales and Marketing, Consulting, etc. are in any way behind when it comes to reaping the benefits of analytics. The top 7 cities that have an ever-increasing demand for analytics professionals are Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.
Kolkata Kindled!
Truth be told, 2 years ago, the demand for analytics professionals in Kolkata was low, but it has picked up pace since, just like the other top cities. We, at Great Learning, have had several cases where our alumni have moved to different cities to pursue our analytics and data science courses or have had transitions into excellent analytics opportunities with our online programs. Our alumnus, Harshit Mehta (working for SAP at the time) requested a transfer to Bangalore to especially pursue Great Lakes PG Program in Business Analytics. Harshit says, “I actually took a transfer to attend this course. I was located in Calcutta and requested for a transfer to Bangalore so that I could stay there and take up this course. After program completion, I joined the Smiths Group as a Data analyst.”
According to AIM, $ 88 million in revenue for the analytics industry comes from Kolkata, increasing by more than 30% from 2017 and a whopping 60% since 2016. This only means a large number of job openings are taking a very long time to fill and professionals based in the eastern and north-eastern hub of India have an excellent growth opportunity to capitalize on this growing trend.
Job data sites are in sync with these report. The current number of openings in the analytics and data science sector as of Nov. 2018 is more than 1500 in Kolkata with companies like Cognizant, SAP, KPMG, Capgemini, Uber, Accenture, Fidelity, FIS, ICICI, British Telecom, Apollo, Zomato, Quickr, etc. investing heavily in developing their analytics capabilities. Most job openings are for the roles of data analysts, business analysts, data scientists, marketing or financial analyst. These are very exciting times for professionals in Kolkata as Analytics spreads its wings beyond Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.
Kolkata is also a major player in the banking sector with the oldest and front-line banks and PSUs headquartered in Kolkata. The BFSI sector was one of the first to embrace analytics, hence there are a ton of opportunities in advanced analytics both in the private and public sector. Some of the largest financial companies and banks like Bank of America, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Magma Fincorp, Bandhan Bank, Srei Infrastructure Finance, and National Insurance Company have corporate offices and big branches in Kolkata.



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