Artificial Intelligence articles

Here’s our round-up of the most essential reads on Artificial Intelligence from across the Internet:
How AI is changing science: Automation algorithms are assuming the role of a scientist and are crunching numbers at a cosmic scale, but they still lack the spirit of scientific enquiry. We still have some way to go before that can discover physics or mathematics that the brightest humans alive are not able to do on their own.
A Robotic Leg Learns to Walk Without Prior Knowledge: Researchers have developed a bio-inspired algorithm that can learn a new walking task by itself after only 5 minutes of unstructured play, and then adapt to other tasks without any additional programming.
AI generated poetry: A retrained version of an older algorithm has finally learned how to make rhyme and meter work to generate poetry based on old classics. The results are middling, but its a promising step forward.
DeepMind and Google; Controlling AI: Google acquired DeepMind for $600 million, and is now looking to monetise the company. But the company’s founder is resisting attempts with a bid to focus on AI research and producing path-breaking technologies.
5 most promising roles for Artificial Intelligence in India: Roles such as AI architect, AI product manager and more are defining the growth of AI, and offering professionals a fulfilling and rewarding career.
Everything you need to run Deep Learning experiments: Learning by doing is the best way to understand Deep Learning better, and you need some serious computing firepower to run experiments. Here is a list of all the components you’ll need to build your rig.



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