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    Tanuja is an aspiring content writer. You'll either find her reading a book or writing about the numerous thoughts that run through her mind. She enjoys photography and football. In her current journey, she writes about recent advancements in technology and it's impact on the world.
    skills to put on resume

    Five skills employers look for in every jobseeker

    When you’re building your resume, it is essential to understand the necessary skills to put on your resume. Job seekers are always looking at how they can enhance their resume. Well, look...
    work life balance

    How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, we were forced to move online and work from home. Thus, pushing us to adapt to these changes and achieve a work-life balance while working...
    cybersecurity influencers

    Top Cybersecurity Influencers you should be following

    The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. As the need for cybersecurity increases with an increase in the amount of data being generated, cyber attacks are also increasing rapidly. If you wish to...
    cloud computing companies

    Top 7 Cloud Computing Companies in the US in 2021

    Over the last few years, cloud computing has gained immense popularity, especially in the technology, IT, and business world. Due to this increase in popularity, there has been a surge in global...
    devops salary

    DevOps Salary, Roles and Responsibilities

    You may have noticed that DevOps Engineers are becoming increasingly common these days. And as recruiters are looking for DevOps talent, DevOps Salary is also increasing rapidly. There is a disconnect between...