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Data Science continues to be the number one job in the market today. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports1, it has been estimated that data science skills will offer a 27.9% rise in employment by 2026. This shows how important data science skills are going to be in the coming years.

If we have a look at LinkedIn today, there are 259,188 data science jobs across the world. With such high demand for this skill, what data science career path is right for you?

In this article, we’ll tell you just that.

Here are the top data science career paths for you to choose from:

1. Data Scientist

The most in-demand data science career path chosen by professionals is that of a data scientist. If you want to establish a career as a data scientist, you will be responsible for the collection, analysis of data and get actionable insights based on a large amount of raw data. If you wish to choose this data science career path, you need to incline towards the tech side of things which involves a strong background in mathematics, stats, and programming skills.

AVERAGE SALARY2: The national average salary for a Data Scientist is $1,13,309 in the United States.

2. Data Analyst

A data analyst basically collects information from various sources and analyzes its patterns to gain actionable insights. They are responsible for transforming and manipulating large data sets to match the desired analysis for the companies. A data analyst recommends the different methods and techniques which can help a company in improving the quality of data systems.

AVERAGE SALARY: The national average salary for a Data Analyst is $62,453 in the United States.

3. Data Engineer

This is one of the other famous data science career paths that attract multiple professionals. A data engineer is responsible for creating and nurturing data pipelines that help in making information available to data scientists. They are also responsible for building new APIs to support the increase in data complexity. They work in close contact with front-end and back-end developers, product managers, and analysts.

AVERAGE SALARY: The national average salary for a Data Engineer is $1,02,864 in the United States.

4. Data Architect

They are the ones who create a blueprint for all the data management systems. Each and every company’s database needs to be built and maintained by identifying all possible structural and installation solutions. This task is performed by a data architect. Their job is to ensure that their company’s data solutions are built for performance and also to design analytics for multiple platforms.

AVERAGE SALARY: The national average salary for a Data Architect is $1,08,278 in the United States.

5. Business Intelligence Analyst

They transform data into insights that ultimately drive business value. This data science career path is for people with strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. BI analysts make use of data analytics, data visualization, and data modeling techniques. BI analysts can figure out trends that can help managers in making business decisions to improve the organization’s overall performance.

AVERAGE SALARY: The national average salary for a Business Intelligence Analyst is $76,402 in the United States.

6. Statistician

A statistician has a strong eye for detecting patterns in data. They are mathematics and statistics experts who apply statistical methods to solve real-world problems. They are the ones who are responsible for data collection, finding the trends and connection in data, and also communicating the results to stakeholders. 

AVERAGE SALARY: The national average salary for a Statistician is $76,884 in the United States.

What Next?

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