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When you want to add value to your job, the right way to do so is by upskilling. Read about how Raja was able to do so with the help of Great Learning’s PGP- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course and how our course content helped him.

Tell us about your professional background. Why did you decide to upskill?

I am currently working as a Delivery Manager with Tata Consultancy.  

There is a growing demand from customers and the client-side to implement solutions using Artificial Intelligence. Companies want to know how they are going to grow, the infrastructural demand, and more. This is when I realised that I should learn more about how AI and it’s various models such as predictive analytics and chat-bots can be implemented in my industry. 

Why Great Learning? 

After I decided to upskill, I researched a couple of different courses that I could take up. I even signed up for a few others but realised that the creative aspects and structured content were not available in these certifications. Course content, faculty, alumni, reviews, all of these aspects pushed me towards Great Learning. I believe that 80% of information is available everywhere, but that 20% is what is important. I found that the remaining 20% was provided at Great Learning. Hence, I decided to go ahead with the AIML course. 

Tell us about your capstone project.

My team and I decided to go ahead with the Kaggle competition. Our project revolved around identifying toxic comments on social media. We managed to break into the top 100 projects on Kaggle. Initially, we were a little confused. After interacting with the mentors and visiting faculty, we were able to understand the process. We went ahead with NLP because it would allow us to implement these learnings in our day-to-day job in the service industry. 

How did PGP-AIML help you?

My short term goal was to learn about Artificial Intelligence and how to implement it in my job. Great Learning has helped me achieve this. While speaking about long term goals, I would say that I am still working on it. Great Learning has taught me how to accurately present my idea to the clients and customers. I was not looking for career support since my goal was to add value to my current job. PGP- AIML has helped me in doing so. 

Advice for future PGP-AIML aspirants. 

My advice to you is, never to stop coding. Keep practising codes, learn how to write codes from scratch. After course completion, practice implementing your learning in day-to-day activities.

For more such success stories, watch this space.  



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