Success is no accident, it is a lot of hard work, perseverance, and learning. Usha Aiyer has achieved great heights in her career and has been recognized for her achievements. Read about Usha’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course.

Tell us about your work experience. 

I have been in the IT software industry for the past 22+ years. My career growth has been centered around product development, product management. Mainly based on Java, WEB, and mobile technologies. I have been working as Hon Regional Director, CASI Global Inc.

Before joining Great Learning, my exposure to Artificial Intelligence was way back during my graduation as it was one of my electives back in 1991. I did my M.S. from NY, USA. 

Why did you decide to upskill? 

I had taken a short sabbatical because I had to go to the US to help my daughter settle into university. During this period, I heard about Great Learning and its AIML course in association with UT Austin. Since my graduation days, I have always been interested in Machine Learning and AI. The face to face connection with faculty and the classroom program pushed me to take up the course. 

What did you like the most about the PGP- AIML course?

I have learned efficient python programming and machine learning. Each course topic is taught by knowledgeable faculty. Post each class we have a lab session. This helps us in learning the topics further. The pre-class and post-class sessions and the recorded video sessions are really helpful. This was a major plus point at Great Learning, and I was impressed by it. 

I have completed around 6 months of the course so far, by the end of it I am looking for the right career opportunities in Mumbai and am hoping that I’ll be able to achieve this soon. 

Advice for further PGP- AIML aspirants.

Just go for it! The faculty takes very good initiatives to explain the content and the lab sessions are extremely helpful as well. 

For more such success stories, watch this space. If you wish to upskill, check out Great Learning’s PGP- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course.



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