As we all know, AI has grown rapidly over the last few years and will continue to do so. Read about how Yogesh benefited by taking up Great Learning’s PGP- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course (PGP-AIML).

Tell us about your educational background.

Before taking up the PGP- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course, I had around 8 years of work experience. I was working as a lead software engineer before joining the course.

Why Great Learning?

According to me, the market requirement for someone who knows Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is ample, whereas the number of people with these skill sets is not that high. I wanted to leverage this opportunity and make the most out of it. After researching various institutions, I found out about Great Learning and the course seemed very interesting and attractive to me.

What was the best part about PGP- AIML?

There were a few different factors that were great. One of them would be the faculty. I was able to interact with industry professionals and experts. The face-to-face interaction with other learners and the faculty was helpful. The course curriculum is planned in a way that will adhere to the beginners and ensure that they understand the concepts well. The course content is comprehensive.

Can you tell us about your experience with the Capstone project?

The capstone project was a great experience. I was working with a group of 4 learners and our project was based around stock market predictions. Our capstone project was chosen for the IIM Bangalore International Conference.

What are your short-term/ long-term goals?

My long-term goal would be to open up my consulting firm in the future. The PGP-AIML course is helpful as I’ll be able to use my learnings at GL. I’m on my way and hope to achieve the goals as soon as possible.

Advice for future PGP-AIML aspirants?

Put in your effort so that you can make the most of the course. Work hard towards what you want to achieve.

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