Shruti loves traveling and plans to travel all around the world. She is keen on learning about the different cultures and is passionate about her work. Read about her journey with Great Learning’s PGP – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course. 

Tell us about your work experience.

I graduated with a degree in the electronics domain. While working as an Oracle Developer, I learned about C, C++, etc, and have a coding background. I worked for around 3.5 years, after which I joined Infosys, but I am currently working at Rave Technologies. 

Why did you decide to upskill? Why Great Learning? 

The main reason I decided to upskill was for a shift in career. After coding after a few years, I felt that I wasn’t learning anything new. The work was becoming a bit stagnant. I decided to learn new technologies and realized that AIML is a growing field and it would be best to gain an in-depth understanding of the same. 

Before deciding which course I wanted to take up, I attended various seminars. I spoke to Great Learning alumni and got to know about the capstone project, this pushed me towards joining GL. 

What was the best part of the PGP- AIML course?

The way that the faculty teach is brilliant. They are willing to help clear all our doubts and are friendly and supportive. As soon as the class is completed, we receive a PDF, or videos of the content. This helps us go through the content at home and revise it. If we haven’t understood a particular topic, the faculty is always ready to teach us again. 

How has Great Learning helped you achieve your goals? 

My short term goal would be to complete this course. That is going great so far, and definitely will be achieved. My long term goal would be to get placed in a good company, I am working towards that and Great Learning is helping me. 

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