With Data Analysis and Data Science spanning to take over every industry today, the demand for jobs in this sector is also increasing. Here is how Karthik benefited from Great Learning’s Data Science and Engineering Course

Tell us about your professional background. 

I did my engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication in Mysore. Through campus placements, I got a job at ShoreTel (now Mitel Communication) and worked there for about 2.5 years. I was initially hired as an intern and later started working as a full-time Software engineer. My major focus area was Python

Why did you choose Great Learning to upskill in Data Science?

I often worked with data during college, and this is how my curiosity towards the subject grew. As someone who wasn’t interested in the work I was doing at the time, I wanted to learn more about Data Analysis. Upon research through blogs, websites, success stories, etc., one name that often showed up was Great Learning. I read great reviews about its course curriculum and faculty. I joined the PGP- DSE course as it was designed for freshers or people with less than 2 years of work experience.

What did you like the most about PGP- DSE?

I enjoyed numerous aspects of the course. The concepts and curriculum are taught in-depth. As I had started studying a few concepts online, I was able to understand that Great Learning’s course content is comprehensive. I knew Python, and R programming is quite similar to it. I was able to grasp the concepts easily, and this gave me a boost in confidence. Additionally, the faculty here is awesome.

The professors are highly skilled and taught us not just the basics of algorithms, but their interpretation too. Initially, I was a little apprehensive regarding the training. But the teaching style made it easy for me to understand key concepts. 

How was the placement support?

GL organized a career fair with several companies like Accenture, Lendingkart, etc., at Bangalore. I was interviewed by multiple companies and was offered a role by almost 8 of these companies. My goal was to look for a challenging environment because I wanted to implement the concepts learned. In the end, I chose Lendingkart and started working as a Data Scientist, where I got a hike of around 100%. 

Advice to the aspirants?

Most of the students focus on learning algorithms. I would suggest you concentrate on the implementation of algorithms, as most of the companies require this. Understand the Linear Regression algorithm clearly, as it is used by all companies. Application of algorithms is a half an hour job, what takes more effort is to find out which algorithm is to be applied where. Excel is an important part of Data Analysis, so I would suggest you brush up on those skills.

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