With the fast-developing world that we live in today, it is essential to constantly learn and be updated with the latest technologies and applications that come along. Read about Sharan Sasi’s experience with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course.

Tell us about your professional background.

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, I joined EY as a Data Analyst. The transition from a mechanical/manufacturing background to programming was challenging. In the early days of my career, I learned about various tools used in Data Analysis and have worked on different client projects.

Why Great Learning?

After working for 3 years, I felt that I had gained a lot of technical knowledge, but lacked the business understanding of Data Science. I felt the need to upskill to solve business problems related to data. My initial plan was to get into B-school and get an MBA, but this would not be suitable for a Data Science job. Hence, I started looking for courses that suit my career ambition. Great Learning offers a syllabus that is a mix of domain knowledge, technical expertise, and business application. The teaching faculty is top-notch, one of the best in this country. After reading, researching, and collecting feedback from Alumni across the country, I decided to apply for the PGP- DSBA course. I felt Great Learning has the reputation and expertise that I’m looking for.

What did you like the most in the PGP- DSBA program?

Faculty and the crowd. As I said, the faculty here is brilliant. The knowledge they shared with us was the best I could get. And the other students in the class were brilliant, professionals from top companies. Learning alongside them was a great experience.

Did Great Learning help in your career transition?

My new role is a Senior role in a company called Acies Global, which is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Chennai, founded by one of the founding members of Mu-sigma. This role is very challenging. It consists of handling projects in and out. Starting from understanding business problems to building solutions.

Advice to PGP- DSBA aspirants?

Be sure of what you want. You need a lot of dedication and learning to stay in this field. I can assure you the professors here are the best in this country. Not all the things will be taught in classrooms, there is some takeaway and you need to spend time to learn on your own. I assure you the guidance will be provided.



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