Great learning helps in successfully transforming the lives of young professionals with their excellent career support. One such individual is Shreyansh Sharma. Here is how Great Learning’s PGP- Data Science and Engineering guided him to transform his career.

Tell us about your professional background. 

I studied Elections and Communication during my graduation. Four of my friends and I started a Robotics company, but due to further studies, we had to shut it down. After my graduation, I started working at Amazon as a Fraud Analyst. During this job, I learned more about Analytics and Data Science and realized it’s scope. 

Why did you decide to upskill? Why Great Learning? 

When I was working with Amazon as a fraud analyst, I realized the potential of Data Science. In data science, we can create data models. This was one of the main factors that pulled me towards Data Science

My family friend recommended Great Learning, and when I did further research, I was convinced to join. Under the PGP- Data Science and Engineering course, 11 subjects were covered, such as Statistics, Python, Machine Learning, R. The faculty taught well and covered every aspect comprehensively. 

Best thing about GL’s PGP-DSE course?

Career-support. The placements team always helped us, they kept pushing us to do better. You would think that once the course ends, the company wouldn’t care about your placements, but in the case of Great Learning, that is not at all true. I got placed into CRG solutions in the career fair that was organized in Mumbai early this year. I’m really happy working here and am satisfied with the work. 

Did we help you achieve your career goals?

My short-term goal was to get into a good company. This was easily fulfilled by Great Learning as I got on the spot placement at the career fair. Another advantage of Great Learning’s placement team is that even if I’m an alumni, I’ll get an opportunity after 3-4 years to sit for the GL career drive. I have noticed that if someone is not confident enough to attend interviews, they will teach you how to talk to the interviewer and provide all the required guidance. Career support is very prominent. I was happy with my job at Amazon, but once I realized the greater opportunity available and decided to upskill, I was happier. Implementing my new learned knowledge in my job was a great feeling. 

Tell us about your capstone project. 

The concept of a capstone project is really good. You’ll get a mentor who is highly trained in this subject who will guide you throughout the process. The mentor helps us in implementation. All the mentors and faculty were very supportive.

Advice for future PGP-DSE aspirants. 

I would advise you to focus completely on the course for 6-months. GL will help you in placements and every other aspect. But if you practice all the concepts adequately on a day-to-day basis, this will additionally help you do well. Try to enhance knowledge from your end too. 

For more such success stories, watch this space!



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