Divya Tandon, PGP – Business Analytics alum gives us a quick look at her Great Learning experience, in her own words.
I had worked in a market research company for 1.5 years as a research analyst before joining Great Lakes PGP-BA Program. My decision for choosing Great Lakes was influenced by 2 important reasons:
1.The Institute was ranked amongst the top programs for business analytics
2.It did not require me to leave my current job.
The professors at Great Learning are extremely helpful and provided regular guidance when required. Even during the off-residency time, we could communicate with them about any doubts through the knowledge portal. The assignments were also designed based on real problems which further helped us strengthen our foundation in analytics.
This program helped me add the needed skills and tools in my resume for transitioning to business analytics and earned me interview calls from various companies. Also, my enhanced/improved knowledge and skills after completing the course helped me clear the interview at my current company (Nepa AB) and allowed me to shift to core analytics. I would definitely recommend this course to any person who is looking to make a shift to analytics without leaving their current job.



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