A career transition can be a daunting experience, but not at Great Learning. Here’s how Malarvizhi chose to take her career to greater heights by joining the PGP – Data Science and Business Analytics course at Great Learning.

Tell us about your professional background. 

With around 21 years of work experience in the software industry, I started my career in Visual Basics and Oracle developer. I have switched various roles from being a developer, product consultant, pre-sales solutions architect, COE manager, process consultant, and quality assurance manager. 

Reason for taking up PGP Data Science and Business Analytics? 

In my current role as a quality assurance manager, I work on various process improvements by implementing lean tenets, Six Sigma tools and CMMI HM processes. All of the above techniques are data-driven. We analyse and work with huge amounts of various kinds of data and bring solutions for business benefits. To work on the above, we have to understand the basics of statistics and know how to analyse data in various domains and come up with predictions and solutions. Moreover, Data Science with AI/Machine learning is cutting edge technology. This is why I decided to upskill and take up the PGP- Data Science and Business Analytics course. 

Why Great Learning?

When I was looking for an academic course to learn more about the tools and techniques to be used for Business Intelligence and Analytics, I found that Great Learning was offering this course as one of its flagship courses. I spoke to some of my friends and colleagues to understand the best institute and most of the suggestions I received, it felt that Great Learning was the best option to go with. 

What did you like the most about the DSBA program?

The mentors were highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable. There were themes identified for discussion forums and assignments which helped us to implement the concepts that we had learned during the course. I was part of one of those few batches who could enjoy the serene beauty of the Manama green campus. This also helped our batch mates to meet for 5 days (alternate months) during which we could share a lot of knowledge and exchange ideas on the concepts that we have been learning. Everything from course structure to the faculty was great and I appreciate their efforts. 

Tell us about your career transition.

I did not get into a new role, but I found a lot of opportunities within the same role to work on data science. I can build the right models while implementing six sigma projects. As part of my current role, we are supposed to build process performance models as part of CMMI High Maturity practice. The concepts I had learned in the course helped me build models for productivity improvement. I have successfully implemented some of the concepts like outlier analysis, predictions on incident management team’s productivity, predict the method for risk optimisation, etc. This helped me take my projects in CMMI HM to level 5. Previously, we had a limited number of tools and techniques to build these models and some required a lot of manual work. Now, we can automate this with various Machine learning algorithms.

Advice for PGP DSBA aspirants?  

Great program for those who aspire to become a Data Scientist. Make the most out of this course because you will find such knowledgeable and dedicated mentors when you are done with the course. Get involved in all the discussions while doing the group assignments. You learn a lot through group activities. 



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