Learning is a continuous process. As the trends in the industry change and evolve, upskilling will ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Read on to find out how Aishwarya, our PGP-DSE alumnus underwent a successful transition with Great Learning.

Why did you choose to learn Data Science?
After completing engineering in computer science in 2014 I moved into operations initially with the Bank of America in the banking segment and then in e-commerce operations at Amazon. After that, I felt the need to make a career transition, but for me going for higher studies was costing a lot of time and money and this became the prime reason to look for courses like the  PGP-DSE program because of its durability, the timeline, and opportunities to transition to a better role in mare 6 to 7 months. Great Learning has its own brand name which made it easy for me to decide and join. I had considered 3-4 courses like ISB, Insofe, Upgrad, but Great Learning was more affordable and relevant to me.

Did the course help your transition to Data Science?
I was not from a Data Science background, but I wanted a transition into business analytics. I knew that I would need to be strong with the concepts of statistics, Python, Machine Learning and SQL. I can say that the program has covered almost everything that is mentioned in the curriculum. Professors were really focussed on what the market wants and hence the curriculum is designed with a lot of flexibility and keeping an eye on future trends.

Did the course prepare you for interviews?
I was interviewed by recognized companies like Big Basket, HPE, TVS etc. The interview with HPE was a major turn around for me. I cleared three interview rounds and everything they asked was related to previous experience and program curriculum. So I think it was a very good learning experience for me as well. Even though I did not opt for the placement process by Great Learning, the course still made me job-ready and I was able to bag two more jobs. The One with Cisco and the other with Uber and I bagged the latter.

Do the learning outcomes help you in your current job role?
After completing around 4 and a half months of the program, I had applied for Uber. The knowledge that I gained through the course really helped to crack the interview. The first round was the written test conducted on advanced excel, SQL, and basics of Machine learning. The second round was entirely on SQL for which I would credit Professor Girish for his sessions. The third round mainly focussed on my business acumen, domain knowledge as well as how I would improve new processes in Machine learning. I majorly work on SQL and visualisation here.

What advice would you give to the aspirants?
This program is ideal for anyone who is looking for a transition into the field of Data Science. It will make you job-ready and make you efficient enough that you can crack any interview on your own of which  I am a living example. The curriculum is very well designed and the placement support is really good.




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