Upskilling with relevant courses helps speed up the career growth. While struggling to find the right job or career path, consider taking up courses which would put you on the right track and pave your way to steady growth and bright future.

How has your professional journey been before and after taking up a course with GL?

I had completed my graduation back in the year 2000 in Computer Science Engineering from Karunya College, Coimbatore. Since graduation, I was fond of Computer Science and used to spend most of my time in labs. This got me in Infosys, where I worked for almost a decade in various roles starting as a Developer to becoming a Project Manager. In 2010, I switched to Cognizant as a Project manager. It was in the year 2016 that I joined GL to pursue BABI. After completing the course, finally, in the year 2019, I joined Scientific Games as an Associate Director for Data Products.

When did you decide to upskill and why did you choose GL?

In Cognizant there are domain-specific silos and verticals, for example, I worked in the Communication and Media Entertainment domain. And then, there are horizontals like SAP which will be cutting across all the verticals. Predominantly, most of the work gets done at the horizontal level and Vertical management is only collaborating or putting together the responses and work, which was not very interesting or appealing.
I wanted to do something interesting and that’s actually when I decided that I will have to learn something. Since I was good with metrics and analytics, I decided that I will do an analytics course.
I was randomly browsing looking for possible options; specifically, an MBA program. On the reference of a friend and her experience with GL, I started looking at the courses delegated by GL. Immediately after going through the website, testimonials, and feedback from the alumni, I enrolled in the program.

How was your overall experience with GL? Share your fondest memories of the course.

The program experience was extremely good. I enjoyed every bit of it; starting from classes, the ambience, the food, the capstone project, and interactions with faculties. I loved the program thoroughly and referred this course to around 50 people and until now 5-6 people have joined this course on my recommendation. The best part of GL is its experienced faculty. These are the professionals who know everything about their subject. The course gave me a great understanding and foundation in Stats, Analytics, Anova, etc.

How was your transition to your current role?

I informed my team at cognizant about me pursuing this course from GL. They were accommodative and immediately after the course, they switched me to a Data Analytics team for a project involving NLP, python, etc. After some years, I got a better role in Scientific Games, where I can study my customers, and based on their behaviour, build a model to entice them to play more.



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