success story
success story

One of the greatest advantages of online learning is access to recorded lectures and video content. Read further to learn more about Kumar Satyam’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course in his own words.

I started my professional career in 2005 as Electronics Maintenance engineer at Tata Motors. In the last 16 years, I have worked in  Commercial Vehicle Warranty Management, Customer Quality and  Design Quality. My recent project was the BSVI launch of Heavy Commercial vehicles.

Personally, I believe data without inference is a wastage of resources and this encouraged me to take up a Data Science course.

I have done my Six Sigma Black Belt certification course before enrolling for the DSBA program. Problems that I have faced before taking up this PG program were analyzing the statements provided by our customers and predicting failure modes with respect to huge amounts of unsupervised inputs.

The course reviews were very positive and the duration of course and the content were appealing to me. Moreover, the course fees appeared very reasonable.

The content of the recorded lectures was good and exhaustive, covering all the aspects related to the quizzes and assignments which  followed. The mentored learning session gave a proper class room feeling wherein the mentor and the student had one to one interaction for clearing the doubts.

The mentors had a clear and adequate knowledge of the topic they were teaching. Moreover we had the facility to clear our doubts through WhatsApp, mail and even on call.

The recorded as well as weekend mentoring sessions helped us to understand the various topics related to this course, hence helping us to gain knowledge and implementing the skills in our profession.

The newly learned skill sets helped me overcome the hindrances which I faced earlier in data analysis. With the help of tools I learned, I am able to predict the potential upcoming events which increase accuracy and efficiency.

Great Learning provides a platform cum opportunities where one learns in depth data analysis. This is possible as Great Learning conducts regular quizzes, assignment and gives on time evaluation and the mentoring session is compulsory and interactive.



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