success story
success story

Learning online can give you the flexibility to study at anytime. Read further to learn more about Akshay Singh’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course in his own words.

I am a mechanical engineer with over 6 years of experience in different functions of the manufacturing sector. After my engineering I had started as a Production and Planning Engineer and currently working as a Project Engineer.

For the last 5 years I’ve been working as a Project Execution Engineer with FLSmidth which is a pioneer in providing machines and services to cement and mineral industries. I have learnt a lot in the job, but it was high time to switch to a different field as I was not getting the expected growth in this profile. With an inclination towards IT and reading a lot about Analytics, I decided to make a career forward in the Data Science and Analytics field.

My job requires me to travel and stay at project sites for certain time periods, which sometimes require me to work for extended working hours. So it becomes difficult to focus on things other than my job. Usually such places have connectivity constraints too. Overall, it becomes hard to focus and spare time for learning/courses other than job. But that never stopped me as I had always found a way out to work on upskilling myself.

While browsing the best program for pursuing Data science, I found Great Learning to be the among the best rated academy and with good feedback from the students regarding course content and academic projects.

Learning online was the only option for me as I cannot leave my job. I prefer to learn online because it gives us the flexibility to study the content anytime. 

After going through the recorded sessions there had always been doubts which could be cleared only in a live discussion. Moreover, a live interaction is very much necessary to grasp the concept behind the content provided and if we are not able to understand, the mentor is there to motivate us to keep practicing. For which I want to give a big thumbs up to Great Learning.

Great learning has really done a great job in providing Mentored sessions. Be it the conceptual knowledge, coding part, clearing doubts, industry relevance etc. I have always found it very useful.

I think a good mentor plays a crucial role in successfully completing any course/program. I would like to thank my mentor Ms. Karuna Kumari for helping me out with doubts during the course and guiding me for ways to make a transition in this field, as she was our mentor for most of the time in the program. 

As I am from a completely different background so terms like Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP etc. (and the list could go on) seemed to be so vague, but now I am a confident member of this community. My journey has just begun in the field of Data Science and Analytics and will keep on expanding my acumen to reach new heights.

From the start it is very important to understand the business problems and that would come by practice only. Coding is necessary too. It is important to understand the statistical and algorithm part, but more important is to get yourself practicing daily as eventually we can get hold on the concepts. To stay relevant in analytics, get in touch with the popular groups/communities and follow the pioneers in the industry.



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