We have seen how data science has grown over the past few years. There are currently close to one lakh job openings in India alone. So you can imagine the demand for data scientists and its related job roles. In this week’s guide, we will learn more about Microsoft’s partnership with Netflix and how they will help you learn more about Data Science. We will also learn more about how one Belgian City used Analytics to stop the illegal dumping of waste. 

Microsoft partners Netflix to help you learn data science, AI

Microsoft has been inspired by the new Netflix Original; Over the Moon, and has launched three new modules on AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning. The three modules include planning a Moon mission with the help of the Python Pandas Library, predicting meteor showers with the help of Python, and finally, using AI to recognise the objects in images. The film Over the Moon talks about a girl Fei Fei who builds a space rocket and uses it to reach the moon. Since Microsoft has announced its new initiative, they have helped 10 million people gain better skills. 

How one Belgian City uses Data Analytics to Stop Illegal waste dumping 

IVAGO is a leading waste recycling service provider. It is addressing the increased demand for reactive as well as proactive services that can adapt to the continuously changing landscape of the city. They are making use of predictive analytics. This helps in making ongoing proactive decisions. IVAGO is also making use of SAP Analytics Cloud. Thus, helping them integrate a new way of using data. 

For more such weekly guides, watch this space. If you wish to learn more about Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, join Great Learning Academy’s pool of free online courses today. 

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