As rightly said by our alumnus Bhavya Labishetty, “One of the most difficult things to do in life is to restart” A career transition can be a daunting experience, but not at Great Learning. We try to make it meaningful, fun, and rewarding as possible. After the experience she has had at Great Learning, she says “Great Learning has been a Launchpad for my transition into Data Science. DSE program has been a learning experience.” Here is an overview of her journey at Great Learning.

Tell us about your professional background. Why did you choose Great Learning? 

I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate (2016) and have worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (now DXC Technology) for 2 years. My experience has been into Quality Analysis and Business Analysis. I was very intrigued by Analytics and wanted to transition into the field. I did a few online courses and tried transitioning into Analytics but that was extremely difficult. After a lot of research, I decided to pursue a full-time course with placement assistance and Great Learning ticked that box.

How has your experience been at Great Learning? 

The most daunting task is to quit a job and try to transition into a field which requires a different level of skills altogether. Initially, when I joined GL, I had no idea of what to expect but along the program, I began to understand that each topic covered in class acts as a foundation and a lot of self-study and preparation is required to understand the bigger picture.
Faculty were able to provide a basic understanding of each topic and sessions were very insightful. I come from a programming background so understanding the logical flow wasn’t as difficult but since I was not involved in any coding for 2 years, keeping up with fresh graduates and people with programming experience was quite a challenge. One of the best things about the program was the kind of peers I got to interact with. Everyone had a new approach to understand the problem. I will be grateful for their support and being one of the reasons for me to get better. 

Were the projects and case studies helpful?

We were assigned mini-projects and case studies that helped understand the problem and its practical implementation. In the case of the Capstone project, we had ample time not just for implementation but also to do the groundwork on the domain that was assigned. This came in handy during interviews as I was able to explain the real reasons why data was behaving in such a fashion during the given time.

How was the career support from the team at Great Learning?

Academic and Career support given by GL was satisfactory. The team was available, a special mention to Akhila as she was always the first person to guide and help us in preparation. She provided enough feedback time and again and that was of great help. 
With the help of Career support, I got to interview with many companies like Nielsen, Bridgei2i Analytics, Oppo etc. Using the foundations from the topics and working on those concepts was necessary to crack the interviews.

How was your experience of the interview with Oppo?

The entire process was of 4 rounds. Initially, there was a Telephonic HR screening where they tried to understand my work experience and the projects mentioned in the resume. The next round included questions based on the projects mentioned in my resume and also related to the Machine Learning models used in the projects. My Capstone project was related to financial risk domain and the interviewer asked several questions on the same. Next round was a Case study round where the interviewer provided a problem statement and asked me to provide a solution within 30 minutes. The case study was again related to Finance risk domain and my research on Capstone project helped me in providing the solution. The final round was with Oppo‘s CRO and after the interview, I received a confirmation. 
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