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If you’re looking to gain expertise in the Google Cloud Platform, there are plenty of resources out there to help you get started. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the top public cloud providers and many cloud-native businesses are choosing GCP over Azure and AWS. So, if you’re looking to learn Google Cloud, take up certification courses and acquire the necessary skills and expertise on Google Cloud.

What Is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform provides a full range of public cloud services for cloud administrators, software developers to helps organizations in networking, big data, storage, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. GCP offers several categories of services:

  • Cloud Storage: Google Cloud offers storage services. 
  • Computing and Hosting: Google Cloud gives you options to work in a serverless environment, hosting depending, use a managed application platform, or build your cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Networking: Networking services can help you connect your existing network to Google’s network, create DNS records, etc…
  • Big Data: Big data services enable you to process vast amounts of data and get answers fast in the cloud.
  • Machine Learning: GCP offers machine learning services to build and train your large-scale models for specific applications.

While these are the primary types of services, the more you get to know Google Cloud Platform, the more you’ll be able to do.

Why there is a huge demand for fresh aspirants and professionals to get GCP certification?

  • High productivity is gained through fast and easy access to innovation
  • Minimal disruption when users adopt new functionality.
  • Excellent flexibility and can have full control over technologies and data.
  • Scalability
  • Fast Collaboration
  • Server-less Computing

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Why Should I Get Google Cloud Certification?

Google Cloud Platform, is one of the most popular certifications preferred by the professional and new aspirants

  • Google Cloud Certification has helped the present-day beginners secure their dream job in well-established companies.
  • Job applicants with Google Cloud certifications get an edge over uncertified candidates.

Google Cloud Platform is an ocean. So, if you think that you can learn the Google Cloud platform without any certification, then you are wrong. So, we have compiled the 7 best ways to learn Google Cloud Platforms. 

The Best Way to Learn Google Cloud Platform

1. Start With Cloud Basics

  • Cloud Basics- One needs to learn google cloud and do some research on cloud networking, database, security, storage, big data, and machine learning to understand how they will work within the cloud platform.
  • Not sure where to start? Check out Great Learning’s Cloud platform course to get familiar with cloud computing basics before diving into Google.

2. Explore Google Cloud Resources

  • Google provides many free resources, try experimenting in one of Google’s free labs or watching introductory videos to get a better idea on GCP.
  • Free resources are the best to get started. Whether you’re interested in application development, business, and technology, cloud infrastructure, there are many  Google cloud training available to you,  but if you get hands-on training experience in a classroom or online setting can help you retain information better and that will help you prepare for cloud computing career. 

3. Certification Programs

A) Google Cloud Free Tier: For free, hands-on training Google Cloud Platform itself is the best place to start with GCP’s free tier offers: 

  • Access to all GCP products.  You can experiment with building and running apps, sites, and services.
  • $300 credit is yours to spend for the next 12 months.
  • No auto charges after the trial period ends, and a guarantee that this training resource is 100% free.
  • An always-free option. GCP’s free tier gives you a perfect option for learning purposes.

Some of the programs offered by Google for Google Cloud Platform:

  • Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Preparation
  • Cloud Architect – Professional Certification Preparation for Google
  • Google Data Engineer Exam – Professional Certification Preparation
  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam Preparation
  • Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam Preparation
  • Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam Preparation
  • Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer
  • Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

B) Great Learning cloud computing program: 


  • Learn to apply concepts with 90+ cloud services and work with all relevant tools and platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & DevOps.
  • Work on 15+ hands-on labs & industry-relevant projects.
  • Get personalized mentoring and guidance.
  • 100+ hours of instructional content with live doubt-clearing sessions with mentors
  • PGP-CC has the most comprehensive curriculum with 90+ services being covered.
  • You will also get additional resources containing material that can help you crack the AWS and Azure certifications.

C) Some of the other certification programs are:

  • Google Compute Engine Specialization by Google Cloud (Coursera)
  • G Suite Administration Program by Google Cloud (Coursera)
  • Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform (Coursera)
  • Networking in Google Cloud Platform (Coursera)
  • Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform Cloud (Coursera)
  • Associate Cloud Engineer Certification (Udemy)
  • GCP: Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide (Udemy)

4. GitHub

  • GitHub provides users several materials and Google Cloud training resources to help aspirants. The great thing about this platform is, this community brings together people from all different backgrounds to provide knowledge about their specialties and experiences. 


YouTube has some popular  Google Cloud training channels, some of them are given below:

  • Google Cloud Platform – Helping you build secure infrastructure, developer tools, APIs, data analytics, and machine learning.
  • Great Learning  – One of the world’s leading certification training providers. The course on Google Cloud Platform for beginners walks you through all of the google cloud computing tools and techniques.

6. Blogs & Forums

  • Blogs are a great way to keep your mind flowing with new latest news and insights on all things cloud computing. Google Cloud is a  perfect supplemented reading. And make sure to bookmark relevant discussion forums such as r/googlecloud on Reddit and the GCP Slack.

7. Take Advantage of Free Google Cloud Training Resources

  • Cloud computing is here to stay, free training resources continue to emerge. We picked the 3 above for their reliability, variety, quality, and range of information. These resources will help you expand your knowledge either being a fresher or a professional.
    More Free Training Resources:

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Final words

If you are new to the world of Cloud and AWS and looking for an online course, do join Great Learning’s PGP Cloud Computing Course and upskill today!

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.



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