Data Science and Analytics are constantly evolving and coming up with new advancements. Amidst the global pandemic, analytics has played an important role in speeding up various processes concerning COVID-19. The global Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market Report 2020 was released recently, let us take a look at the advancements in the field over the last week. 

The power of Big Data, analytics and AI in the fight against COVID-19

The west Zone webinar called “Big Data and the Big Fight” was organised by Express Computer and SAS on July 31, 2020. Various keynote speakers from different states came together to discuss the use of Big Data Analytics and AI in their fight against COVID-19. Manoj Kumar Mishra says that the government of Odisha was one of the first states to set up a 1000 bed COVID hospital and was able to provide data to the health department with the help of IT. 

The NHM Additional Mission Director of Madhya Pradesh talks about using prediction tools and how they were widely used in predicting the peak of the virus. The COO of Infotech Promotion Society, Chhattisgarh talks about how Big Data enabled the state government to provide all the required data to various administrative heads. The South Zone webinar is scheduled to be held on August 6, 2020. 

Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market Demand and future scope 

The Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market Report 2020 was released recently. It covers a range of topics such as current market share, driving factors, market size, trends, growth, and more. It also gives you the projected values for the growth in the coming years. The report is aimed at manufacturers and distributors to help them understand the scope of products, the risk involved and the opportunities to look for. The market was valued at USD 20.67 billion in 2019. The Hadoop Big Data Analytics market is estimated to reach USD 342.06 billion by 2027. 

IBM Corporation, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Tableau Software, and Microsoft Corporation are among the top key players in the current market. 

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