After a maternity leave, it might get challenging to get back in the corporate world. That didn’t stop Suchitra though. Her steadfast determination to pursue a successful career, along with the efficient quality of education received from Great Learning’s PGP-BABI put her on the path to success in an Analytics career.  

Why did you choose Analytics as a stream?
I finished my B.E. in 2012 after which I worked at Infosys for about 3 years as a Developer. Due to personal reasons, I had to take a break from my career and soon after, I realised how Data and Analytics are the booming sectors, full of opportunities and growth. With that, I started googling and after a lot of research, I wanted to take charge of my life and transition my career into Analytics.

Did you consider any other options before joining Great Learning?
I consider doing my post graduation from a reputed college that provides specialisation in Analytics but eventually couldn’t join as it was in a different city. After this, I did search for all the possible online courses in my city and came across only a handful that made sense to me. Finally, I felt Great Learning was the right choice for me, because of the brand image in the industry and stories on successful career transition for many, and because they provided quality education. Also, the prime reason to join the course was it was I had to attend only 1 weekend class per month and rest was all online, making it easy for me to manage home and studies.

What was your experience with Great Learning like?
I feel Great Learning was as a blessing to many like me who have breaks in their career. Not just it gave me quality education, a clear understanding of each subject domain but also networked me to my batch mates and expert faculties, who boosted my confidence to start again with my career; and do it much better this time. With their support, I started performing better in Statistics and Accounts where I had no prior basics and GL delivered what it promised in terms of the curriculum.

What did you like the most about Great Learning’s Analytics program?
The best that anyone can take out with this program is the Capstone project. As a team, we performed a live project. Through it, I was able to get into Radiant Global solutions as an intern first and then got confirmed as a Senior Data Analyst.

What’s your current role like?
With everything that I learnt from the course, I felt my previous role was very limited and I wanted to do more with my knowledge and rebuilt confidence. Great Learning, again supported me by organising Excelerate, where I tested the waters with many companies and finally cracked Tiger Analytics and got in as a Senior Analyst. I feel lucky that I got to join Great Learning and believe that if this wasn’t from them, I would have not got my confidence and life back on track with this ease and comfort.

Do you have any tips for other aspirants?
Learning Never Stops at Great Learning. This one-liner drove me all the way through my journey here and will drive me henceforth in life. I want to tell all, that nothing can stop you except yourself. If you want to do something in the analytics field even if you have a break, GL is the right place for you. With the right guidance, mental support and expert faculties, you can grab any opportunity on your way with your hard work and self-motivation. 



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