1. What is your academic background and work experience?

I have completed my graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from PSG Tech in Coimbatore. After college, I worked for IBM as an associate software developer and worked with SQL. After this, I took a break to try competitive exams and other career options and that is when I came across this course through a friend who was already enrolled for PGP-BABI in GL and on his reference I joined DSE.

  1. Why did you choose Great Learning for Data Science?

The assurance I got from those already studying in the Great Learning regarding the course structure and placements convinced me to join the course. I joined Data science course because it is a demanding field and a very interesting topic. Additionally, the basics of machine learning covered in the course were really helpful for us to transition into many different positions in the industry.  

  1. What were the outcomes of enrolling in this program?

The hands-on learning approach for almost all of the courses and languages like SQL, Python covered in the course helped us understand well and prepare ourselves for our interviews and career in our future. Also, we got to learn a lot from the experience of some of the expert faculties here, making the learning very enriching.

  1. How did the experience here help you in your career?

The program curriculum is designed to provide the basics of data science, statistics, machine learning and data visualization. I got several face-to-face interview offers from many companies in spite of a break in my career. Utilizing these opportunities, I interviewed with many companies like BigBasket, Cartesian Consulting etc via Great Learning. We had mock interviews, multiple CV reviews, career prep sessions, aptitude sessions etc which helped me outperform myself in all my interviews.

  1. How did you get in your current role? What were you interviewed in?

I applied at Latent View through the referral of a friend. The first round of interview was an SQL Programming test followed by two rounds of technical interviews where I was tested mostly on Python and SQL, their emphasis on business analysis, approaching the solution, guesstimates and basics of statistics and machine learning.
Any advice to aspirants who intends to take up this program?
Be passionate and self-motivated in whatever you learn here. In case of any problem, talk to Faculties and in case you are scared of maths and programming, don’t be, work on it.



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