top interview questions for digital marketer
Top interview questions asked during a digital marketing interview

Marketing has evolved at an unmatched pace in the last few years and has become the most sought after profession by professionals. Organizations, small and big, are massively hiring digital marketing experts, under its various domains such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, E-Commerce, and Research and Analytics among others. With a plethora of career options, a hefty pay, and steady career growth, digital marketing is a hot option for you to consider as a career
If you are sure that your choice to become an excellent digital marketer, let’s get you prepped up for an interview:

Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and expected answers

Q. Can you explain digital marketing in one sentence?
A. Digital marketing is about establishing a brand’s credibility, popularity, visibility, following, and relevance in the target market through SEO, SEM, Link building, PPC, email marketing, etc.
Q. Categorize digital marketing and explain the segments.
A. Digital marketing can be classified into inbound and outbound digital marketing. Inbound marketing efforts include website development, social media, webinars, long-form content, newsletters, and so on. These techniques persuade prospects to reach out to you. Whereas, outbound techniques include efforts such as PPC, Affiliate marketing, emailing, advertising, and so on, which help you actively reach out to prospects.
Q. How does SEO help businesses?
A. Search Engine Optimization helps businesses gain more visibility through searches performed on search engines. Digital marketers research frequently looked up keywords and strategize which of them should be incorporated in the content to boost the likelihood of appearing on the first page of Google.
Q. What is keyword streaming?
A. Keyword streaming is the practice of analyzing keywords based on the target market, and selecting the most relevant ones to use on the website to gain organic traffic and generate leads.
Q. How do you spot bad links?
A. Bad links are the ones that come from websites that are not relevant to a business, low Pagerank and low traffic sites, link exchanges, the same anchor texts coming from multiple websites, sites that are not present in Google Index, blogs or spam articles, and paid links.
Q. How can someone build natural backlinks to their website?
A. For a newly launched website, getting backlinks naturally is quite difficult. One way of doing it, however, is to write guest posts on reputed websites and gain links from there.
Q. What are a few areas where keyword optimization can be done?
A. Website title, website URL, Meta tags, headings, web page content, and blog content are a few spaces where keyword optimization can be done.
Q. What is the importance of competitive analysis in digital marketing?
A. Competitive analysis is critical to the functioning of any digital marketing initiative. It involves identifying the key competitors to businesses and closely looking at their digital marketing strategy for its strengths and weaknesses. With this evaluation, you can determine your Unique Selling Proposition, content strategy, and brand positioning to attract the relevant audience to your business.
Q. What are the different components of digital marketing?
A. Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing are a few components that build a larger picture for businesses and their digital strategy.
Q. How can a website be responsive?
A. A website that adjusts its layout according to the orientation of the smaller screen is a responsive website. The content should present itself in an optimized manner for the smaller screen and the various functions should be easy to follow.
Q. What are the top digital marketing tools you know?
A. RankWatch, Keyword Discovery, StumbleUpon, Moz, Google Analytics, Alexa Ranking, XML Sitemap Generator, Favicon Generator, Crazy Egg Heatmaps, Digital Point Keyword Tracker.
Q. What qualities should an effective PPC have?
A. Since PPC is iterative, the keywords list needs to be growing and adapting. The keywords should be relevant to your business, and the list must be exhaustive, including long-tail keywords.
Q. What steps can we take to avoid penalty while marketing on the digital platforms?
A. To avoid a penalty, avoid copying images from other domains, don’t link to websites that have a bad page rank, avoid redirecting users to another page using refresh meta-tags, and don’t use words like ‘link’ to hypertext and link to your website.
Since the science behind digital marketing is as deep as an ocean if not more, it would require a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and the ongoing advancements in the field for you to crack an interview for your dream position.
This list provides a starting point for you to gain more knowledge and refresh what you already know about digital marketing.Upskill with Great Learning’s PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing and be at the top of the game with a successful career in digital marketing.



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