With the outbreak of COVID-19, our society functions have changed, with several people now  working from home. The best way to make use of this time would be to continue learning and keeping ourselves updated. Here are the recent advancements in the world of Data Science and Analytics over the past week.

Importance of Data Science in policy making 

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have shown rapid advancement and have changed the information scene. It impacts our day-to-day lives, businesses, and public governance. New technologies have refined manipulation and analysis of data. The new data available to us contains difficulties in terms of data analysis and empirical research, and cannot be met without technological techniques. Data Science has new tools that can be used for a variety of purposes such as analyzing information, new datasets. This can be helpful in public policy making. 

Data Science Career Transition Strategy during COVID-19 lockdown

Working professionals are realizing the need to transition into different Data Science job roles due to its increasing use in various industries and a potentially great hike in salaries. Due to the lockdown, that has been enforced to help in slowing down the spread of the coronavirus allows us the opportunity to upskill. We can utilize this time in the best way possible and keep learning, to stay relevant. The transition into a Data Science career will not be easy and will require additional efforts. You must build an efficient strategy to help you reap maximum benefits. 

Top Data Science Glossary to know in 2020

Data Scientists work across organizations, their communication skills are just as important as technical skills. The field is growing rapidly and companies are investing their time to understand the different concepts of this ever-growing field. Mastering the right terms is the first step in the right direction on your educational and professional journey. Cognitive computing, Data pipeline, edge analytics, GANS, are few terms among the ones you should remember. 

Atos buys US Data Science consultancy Miner & Kasch

Another piece of news that has taken place recently is that Atos has bought Miner & Kasch. This is an American Data Science consulting firm. It has a team of 30 consultants and Data Scientists. Miner & Kasch, founded in 2015 by Donald Miner and Niels Kasch offers consulting to clients across various industries such as healthcare and finance.  

For more such weekly guides, you can check this space. If you wish to learn more, upskill with our PGP – Data Science and Engineering Program!



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