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Batch of March 2021 | Senior Management Analyst, Development Services Department at City Of San Antonio | United States
Taran is an excellent mentor. She had a lot of material to cover this week but she did it at an appropriate pace.
Batch of March 2021 | Instructor at West Texas A&M University | United States
The session and mentor were very helpful, I enjoyed that class. Thank you so much!
Batch of March 2021 | Senior Consultant at Deloitte | United States
Mahmud explains everything and is totally open to clearing doubts.
Batch of February 2021 | Senior Market Research Analyst at Troquer | Mexico
Thanks for share the concepts in the project, its very usseful to see that info I have to measure.
Batch of February 2021 | Postal Clerk at United States Postal Service Full Time | United States
Manav is nice and awesome. I really wished you would not force us to take a survey every week before I start learning. If I wanted to take surveys I would go online and seek them out
Batch of March 2021 | United States
Lajari did a great job, and was extremely patient and dedicated.
Batch of March 2021 | Sr. System Engineer at Compeer Financial | United States
Good pace & tempo. Felt challenged and engaged but not rushed.
Batch of February 2021 | Derivatives Director at Intercam Financial Group Full Time | Mexico
Mounika encourages students to participate in the sessions making them more interactive and dynamic.
Batch of March 2021 | United States
The mentor made an overview of all concepts, his interaction was really good. He went through the case studies, making questions for us, clarifying doubts.
Batch of December 2020 | Nigeria
I was exposed to other areas of improvement. Thank you, Dale
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