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Batch of September 2020 | Group Vice President, Merchandising Services at Sally Beauty
I think Ashish is doing a very good job and walked us through the case study in detail. My feedback on the overall program is that I think this recent project required Python capabilities that we dont have yet. When we went through the case study in the live session, there were several parts where I dont think we've ever been exposed to some of the code used either in the live sessions or online learning. Im all for stretching our capabilities and challenging case studies, but this one felt like it required things that we haven't even seen yet. Just some feedback - Im enjoying the class and learning a lot.
Batch of December 2020
Enrique is super relatable and explains the subject matter at a slow, deliberate pace which I enjoy.
Batch of December 2020 | Business Analyst Intern at Capital One
I thought Abishek did a great job covering these crucial foundational concepts. He was eloquent, and the session flowed smoothly.
Batch of December 2020 | Directora General at Epa A.C.
I like this class very much but I think it should have been presented before the pre-work info. There was a lot of little details as the use of // or % I had to look for by myself in order to understand some of the previous exercises
Batch of December 2020 | Exploration Geologist at Exxon Mobil Full Time
Emma is fantastic! I am really excited to continue this learning journey with her as our mentor. She is very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable.
Batch of May 2020 | Project Manager at Environ Quest Nigeria Ltd.
The suggestions on how to present findings and what information to present in the report is very helpful.
Batch of November 2020
Well prepared and good to have group interact - extra examples or advanced concepts at the end would be nice.
Batch of November 2020
Many questions were answered which was extremely helpful.
Batch of November 2020 | Senior Manager, Ncic Performance And Analytics At American Cancer Society at American Cancer Society
I appreciate Smits time on answering questions. I think it's really helping students and encouraging us to speak up more and get to know each other. Thank you.
Batch of October 2020 | Managing Consultant at Right Click It Solutions And Services Full Time
He really takes his time to carry the class along. Appreciate it
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