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Batch of June 2019 | India
It is an overall good program. I suggest starting with specific relevant visualization/s first, which can then be tweaked interactively
Batch of February 2021 | Senior Market Research Analyst at Troquer | Mexico
Very great session, this time the explanation was with examples that how to apply Python in the real life. if it's possible to know the diferent connections that Python has with another plattforms or any documentation if you can share with us and explote at maximum the bennefits. I have one question, its possible connect two or more data sources and combine this data? Thanks
Batch of February 2021 | Director Ejecutivo De Riesgo, Seguridad Y Continuidad Latam at Pink Elephant | Mexico
Session was good covering all aspects of the week 1 material. The mentor has knowledge and experience in different sectors, so that helps students to raise questions and share experiences within their actual role.
Batch of December 2020 | Directora General at Epa A.C. | Mexico
I like this class very much but I think it should have been presented before the pre-work info. There was a lot of little details as the use of // or % I had to look for by myself in order to understand some of the previous exercises
Batch of September 2020 | Mechanical Commissioning And Start Up Engineer at Spdc Nigeria | Nigeria
Billy is still very patient with the class in clearing doubts and concept coverage. A very good mentor he is.
Batch of June 2020 | Nigeria
This is one of the best sessions I have had during this program. Thank you so much Ohwovoriole Anthonia Omamoke, your sincere guidance was so exceptional and of high esteem. Your knowledge of the subject matter is unprecedented. Many thanks!
Batch of May 2020 | Nigeria
Learnt a new technique of handling missing data today. Appreciate it.
Batch of January 2021 | Partner at Kpmg | Nigeria
I liked the fact that our mentor related well with everyone in the class and made us welcome. I like his pace of discussion, particularly on the concepts taught today. What I realised though is that all members of this group are Nigerians, which shows lack of global diversity. The flip side however, is that maybe networking would be easier amongst participants. I look forward to having a fulfilling course.
Batch of June 2020 | Managing Partner at Nalle Business Partners | Nigeria
Dale has an indept understanding of the subject matter
Batch of April 2020 | Head Of Internal Audit/Chief Compliance Officer at Slavabogu Nigeria Ltd | Nigeria
It was an interactive session with great insight Some doubts were clearly clarified the session was quite experiential while exploring creative ideas Everything went well.
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