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Batch of June 2019 | Lead Career Coach at Seattle Housing Authority
He was not in sync with the curriculum. It appeared that there was a disconnect between program office and the mentor.
Batch of June 2019 | Lead Career Coach at Seattle Housing Authority
The faculty were extremely accomplished and were very clear about explaining the topics.
Batch of May 2020 | Lead Project Manager at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Appreciate Great Learning for its choice of faculty. It was great to see an example project that was analyzed and various steps were explained. The mentor did spend an additional 20 mins or so to clarify all the queries is appreciated.
Batch of February 2021 | Canada
Case study was very relevant Aligned to the previous video lessons
Batch of October 2020 | Vice President, Corporate Strategy at Mr3 Health, Inc. | United States
Deepak possesses outstanding instructor skills. He very clearly explains new concepts to the students and always displays a willingness to help. I was particularly impressed this past week when a student quipped that he "didn't understand it all" and Deepak stopped immediately and pressed the student to explain what he didn't understand. Of course, the student was only making an 'off the cuff' comment, but Deepak genuinely considered it more important to make sure that every student is learning and understands that he was willing to stop moving forward at that point and help that student. One other excellent trait of Deepak is that he often shares outside resources or helps us with code that is much more efficient and precise than what we could possibly come up with. I see this more as a professional courtesy and an absolute gift as those that are keeping code libraries will be able to utilize some of his expert techniques and resources in our jobs outside of class. We are fortunate to have an instructor like Deepak.
Batch of February 2021 | Physician Extender at Uc Health Steadman Hawkins | United States
The content, the pace and the teaching style worked very well for me.
Batch of August 2020 | Mathematics Teacher at Richardson Independent School District Full Time | United States
The session was good, I like the fact that the mentor finally did the analysis on R Markdown...
Batch of November 2020 | Market Place Crew Services Specialist at Lasso Workforce Full Time | United States
This week was a great session. Prateek did a great job of going through the case study. Very helpful!
Batch of September 2020 | Math Teacher at Greenhill School | United States
Great practical feedback on the application of ensemble techniques!
Batch of June 2020 | Sustainability Outreach Specialist at Texas A&M University | United States
Mr. Dale gave a very detailed explanation of what is required and laid emphasis on industry/ business expectations. Overall, it was a very helpful session.
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