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Batch of December 2020 | Business Analyst Intern at Capital One | United States
I thought Abishek did a great job covering these crucial foundational concepts. He was eloquent, and the session flowed smoothly.
Batch of December 2020 | Exploration Geologist at Exxon Mobil Full Time | United States
Emma is fantastic! I am really excited to continue this learning journey with her as our mentor. She is very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable.
Batch of November 2020 | United States
Well prepared and good to have group interact - extra examples or advanced concepts at the end would be nice.
Batch of November 2020 | United States
Many questions were answered which was extremely helpful.
Batch of November 2020 | Senior Manager, Ncic Performance And Analytics At American Cancer Society at American Cancer Society | United States
I appreciate Smits time on answering questions. I think it's really helping students and encouraging us to speak up more and get to know each other. Thank you.
Batch of November 2020 | Technology Lead Us at Infosys | United States
Aditya explain things at a very granular level which really helps.
Batch of October 2020 | Vice President Enterprise Sales at E Zest Solutions Full Time | United States
The session for project debrief was covered in detail by Eren. The expectations were made clear, also answers to some of technical queries were helpful.
Batch of November 2020 | United States
It was a great session, Smita did cleared all doubts and drove through the topics very well.
Batch of October 2020 | Vice President, Corporate Strategy at Mr3 Health, Inc. | United States
Eren did a great job covering the material. And while much of the code that he covered had been covered before, it was helpful in that we all gained additional insight into coding techniques that will be useful for future sessions. I believe that we were all grateful for the Eren stepping up on short notice and filling in for Deepak on such short notice. Warm wishes to Deepak and his family as he deals with his medical emergency.
Batch of October 2020 | United States
Good class on final case discussion. Prateek was very smooth with some of the stronger personalities and case imperfections. I wonder if this is a good use of time or if there is a better way to focus my efforts? Especially are there a 3 - 5 key python concepts I really need to master during this month break? I am not a python master at anything...except tracebacks.
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