Data Science Career Transition during COVID-19


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This LIVE session will help you understand the importance of Domain in Data Science and some tips on how to grow/learn in the field of Data Science. You will also know about the key challenges you might face during a job search in the COVID pandemic and the tips to overcome those. This will answer your questions like - What are the key skills required to make a transition into Data Science? What type of roles that are available and which one should you choose? etc. Join in to know answers for many more questions on how to pursue your career in Analytics.

About the Speaker

Mr. Suryansh Saxena

Associate Consultant - Data Science, Kie Square Consulting


Currently works as an Associate Consultant in one of the data science consultancy firms based in Delhi NCR. Before joining this, he was working as a Data Scientist in one of the Digital Marketing agency AdGlobal360 for the past one year. He experienced and improved multiple skills in his journey like AWS cloud services, python, NLP, Machine Learning, etc. In his free time, he usually reads the latest technology blogs and research papers. He had completed PGP- Data Science and Engineering from Great Learning before making his transition into Data Science.

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