A Strategic Approach to Data Science Roles


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This session will be about what Data Science is, the various stages of a project in data science, the kind of expertise required in data science projects, and as a result, data science is a team effort. A team of experts from various fields. We will also discuss the various roles, responsibilities, and skills required for a successful data science project. Given the roles, responsibilities, and skills needed in Data Science, how to decide which role to get into, and how to fill the skill gap for that role. Once in the role, what needs to be done to get into the Data Scientist role. Objective - To give clarity to youngsters who aspire to become data scientists and help them strategize their approach to achieve their goal.

About the Speaker

Prof. Mukesh Rao

Director - Data Science, Great Learning


Prof. Mukesh Rao is Director of Data Science in Great Learning and he is responsible for designing of data science courses offered, mentoring students with capstone projects. He also works as a Data Science Trainer & Consultant for 4v Technologies and conducts training in core big data technologies and data science. He has headed Big Data teams at SourceOne and has worked with tech giants like Wipro Technologies

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