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How does a Business become Intelligent?



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Ever since information has become the new currency to stay afloat, business is trying to be more and more efficient to mine the information. In this session a few interesting examples will be discussed. All of us have probably experienced these, but did not realize consciously how our past behavior has generated insight for business.

About the Speaker

Dr. Srabashi Basu

Dr. Srabashi Basu

Professor, PhD Statistics, Penn State University


Srabashi is an analytics expert and an academic administrator. She does extensive work in statistical applications in different areas like health analytics, complex data analytics, aviation industry, CRM etc. She has published research papers in many areas of statistics and is always eager to apply her skills in challenging areas including finance, retail, marketing and other areas. She also works as a Corporate Trainer in Business Analytics, Predictive Modeling, R and SAS and leverages her work experience to prepare business case studies. She has developed online course materials in Statistics, Business Analytics, R and SAS. She is involved in professional training and corporate coaching for more than a decade now. She is adept in developing course for short-term, long-term and regular classes as well as online learning. She is also an efficient academic administrator. Specialties: Big data analytics, Statistics, Marketing Research, Market Survey, Business Intelligence, R, SAS, Minitab, Professional training, Academic administration.
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