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    fleet management on AWS

    Fleet Management System – An End-to-End Streaming Data Pipeline

    PROBLEM STATEMENT:  Fleet operators often suffer business and monetary losses due to a lack of information on the health of their fleet and inventory it carries. This problem arises...
    Datasets for Computer Vision

    Datasets for Computer Vision using Deep Learning

    Deep learning stems from neural network-based artificial intelligence. Neural networks transformed the entire learning process of algorithms due to its efficient feature extraction capabilities. The deep learning approach has gained tremendous momentum in the...
    cloud computing project - sentiment analysis and invoice management system

    Sentiment Analysis and Invoice Management System with Cloud Computing

    Here is a report on a cloud computing project on sentiment analysis and invoice management system by Sunil Vadapalli, Virender Yadav, and Rambabu Donthi Boyina.  Objective  For every company, start-up or a large enterprise, social media...
    AI in healthcare

    How AI can Improve Healthcare Industry

    What has the data done? The world today is driven by data. With every passing day, data is coming closer to us and getting involved with our lives. You cannot separate data and the economy....
    Reinforcement Machine Learning

    Reinforcement Learning

    You might have seen robots doing mundane tasks like cleaning room or serving beer to people. However, these actions are usually remote-controlled by a human. These robots are physically capable of doing things following...