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When you decide to join a management course or an MBA program, you are often caught up with several projects, deadlines, and exam preparations that you need to keep track of. Sometimes, all of these deadlines can become quite overwhelming to deal with. In such a situation, making use of time management apps can help you stay on track. Today, students have access to several time management apps to help them out. Let us look at some of these commonly used apps that will help you as an MBA student. 

Best Time Management Apps

  1. Trello
  2. Evernote
  3. Quizlet
  4. Coach.me
  5. StayFocusd
  6. SimpleMind+


One of the best time management apps for productivity, Trello, lets you organise the projects you are working on with the help of customisable boards. These boards can be grouped or can be customised solo, thus helping you delegate tasks for a group assignment. There is another great option in Trello that lets you create to-do lists, tasks that you are currently working on, and tasks that you have already completed. The app is free and can be installed on your apple watch or smartphones. 


Evernote is another great application that will help you keep your assignments organised. This app can also help you make notes, helping you keep your thoughts organised too. There is an option that allows you to sync your checklist or notes from across various devices. This allows you to work on a particular device’s tasks and later switch to another one without losing any documents. Evernote also allows you to take the notes in different formats such as text, audio, photo, videos, web clippings. There is another option that allows you to attach any PDFs and Microsoft Office documents in the app as well. The app is great for time management as it also lets you plan events, set reminders, and work collaboratively with others. 


Quizlet is a time management app that lets you create flashcards or use existing flashcards to study your upcoming exams. We all know that flashcards are a great way to memorise important points and remember your notes. The app also gives you a hint when it feels you need to improve your skills and knowledge. Quizlet comes with an inbuilt game that allows you to test your speed by racing against the clock to finish within the allotted time frame. The app comes with 220,000 study sets and 18 different languages. 

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Coach.me is one of the unique apps. In this app, you will help join a community of people who are working towards achieving individual goals. Through this app, you can gain support from others who will help you ensure that you are productive. Coach.me has helped over a million people from across the world build a new habit and stick to it. Ensuring that you stick to habits is an essential part of time management as it can help you follow a pattern or routine and not procrastinate, thus leaving you with a well-planned schedule to stick to. 


With social media introducing newer features such as reels on Instagram, checking social media applications very often can be highly distracting. It’s easy to lose track of time when you are spending time on social media apps. StayFocusd is an extension that you can add on your web browser to restrict the time you spend on a particular social media channel. You can also use various tracking apps that will block the social media app once you have reached the set time-limit for the day on your smartphone. This will help you stay on track and not lose focus on the main goal at hand. 


The last time management app for MBA students on our list is SimpleMind+. This app allows you to organise your thoughts with the help of mind maps that can be easily synchronised to your Google Drive or Dropbox to be shared with others. These mind maps can be enhanced with the help of videos, photos, and voice memos. The appearance can be easily customised, and you can choose and select layouts that suit you. 

This brings us to the end of the blog on time management apps for MBA or management students. If you wish to enter the management field, check out Great Learning’s PGP Management Course and upskill today. You can feel free to leave your questions in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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