Owing to its diverse set of applications, data science has emerged as one of the most in-demand career paths for young professionals. Upskilling in data science will certainly set you in the path of a high-flying career. However, upskilling alone is never enough in an ever-evolving domain like data science. You have to closely follow the latest trends and technological developments – which we understand can be quite a task sometimes, which data science blogs to follow, which trends to watch? We have put together a list of news articles that highlight the most impactful developments and trends. Read through to stay updated.
Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends to Watch Out in 2020
With 2020 already a mere last quarter away, data science enthusiasts are trying to look into the trends that will dominate the domain in the coming year. Augmented Analysis is among the top trends of data science in 2020. It combines ML and AI applications to change how analytics content is created, devoured and shared. The augmented analysis will be driving data science, ML platforms and embedded analytics. Data analysis automation, continuous intelligence, NLP and conversational analytics are among the other data science trends that will take over the market.
Explorium secures $19M funding to automate data science and machine learning-driven insights
Explorium, an Israel based startup has received a $19 million funding to work towards automating its data science and machine learning platforms. “Just as a search engine scours the web and pulls in the most relevant answers for your need, Explorium scours data sources inside and outside your organization to generate the features that drive accurate models”, says co-founder and CEO Maor Shlomo. The company works in three stages- data enrichment, feature engineering and predictive modelling to help companies derive insights and add features to their applications
Data science safeguards digital transactions
The mass adoption of smartphones and other smart devices has lead to the digitization of money worldwide. Philippines is among the countries to head towards a digital economy steadfastly. While digitization of money brings convenience, it also exposes organizations and individuals to cyber crimes. Digital payment platforms are focusing on ways to secure financial transactions from any kind of cyber attack. Data science applications are helping in analysing and predicting ways of doing that.
“For consumers, there is really no substitute to awareness,” said Nagesh Devata, general manager of Southeast Asia Cross Border Markets for PayPal. “For enterprises, we need to move from reactive to predictive models in risk management.”
Which Data Science Skills are core and which are hot/emerging ones?
Recent surveys revealed that professionals think that 30 data science skills are the most coveted in data science resumes. Tensor flow, deep learning, Apache Spark, Pytorch are among the top data science tools and skills that are becoming increasingly relevant today. SQL and ETL Data Preparation, on the other hand, are losing popularity as more advanced technologies and tools are taking over.
University of Virginia’s data science school gets state approval
University of Virginia has finally received an approval for its data science school from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. “I am delighted that the School of Data Science has cleared its final hurdle and can officially move forward,” said UVA President Jim Ryan in a statement. “I want to thank the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia for sharing our excitement in this proposal, and Phil Bourne and his team at the Data Science Institute for their hard work.” The approval was pending for 8 months after they had received a $120 million donation.
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