Cricket World cup challenge and hackathon

At Great Learning, we believe in imparting a holistic education experience through exposure to real-world problems, and a mentor-driven approach to solving them. We strive to provide a great learning experience to build capabilities that are driven by an efficient mix of theoretical sessions and practical ‘learn by doing’ approach. 
As a testimony to our philosophy of education, the ‘Cricket World Cup Challenge’, and ‘Hack of All Trades’ are an integral part of our learning journey, organized for Great Learners across programs. Here’s how these initiatives help our learners achieve career success:

The Cricket World-Cup Challenge


The Great Learners were required to form a team of 2 with someone who is not a Great Learning program participant. The teams had to predict outcomes of each match, based on which they were assigned scores. Finally, using machine learning models, they had to predict the finals and submit a report on the same. 

Here’s a snapshot of the event in numbers:

Engagement statistics for the Cricket World Cup Challenge
Based on the match outcome predictions, a leader board was posted on Social Media each Monday.
Cricket World Cup Challenge Experiential Learning
Special sessions were conducted with Mr Gaurav Sundaraman, Data Scientist at ESPNCricinfo, on Cricket Analytics
After 50 days of altering leaderboard dynamics, we finally got our winners:
Cricket World Cup Challenge Experiential Learning

Here’s what the participants had to say about this initiative:

– Thanks for the innovative exercise. It created a lot of interest in the games as well as finding stats to predict the winner.
– It was a thrilling competition.
– Congratulations on the event being a success, and thanks for organizing.
– I would like to see more such competition based on some social impact data. That would help us understand our social environment. Thanks.
– All the instructions and scoring system were very transparent. Keep rocking team very good job. Looking forward to more such initiatives.
– This gave us a lot of learning and exposure.

Hack of all Trades 

The initiative was run exclusively for the online batches of the Business Analytics and Business Intelligence PG program, for both Indian and International participants. It was a 3-day online Hackathon where the participants had to predict the annual turnover of the restaurants across India based on the restaurant details, aggregated rating from social media, and customer survey data.
A state of the art Hackathon platform was devised with integrated leaderboard, customized view for each user with login credentials, FAQs and rewards on the same page.
hack of all trades experiential learning
There were 4 different rewards to raise the fun quotient of the experience
Hack of all Trades - Experiential Learning
Here’s what the participants had to say about this initiative:
– Thank you for the opportunity to showcase our talent to the world!
– Thrilling!
– It was a fantastic event and will look forward to more.
– Good initiative to check one’s skillset.
– Good practical experience.
Hack of all trades experiential learning* Social Media Mentions
When we talk about active engagement and learning through digging solutions to practical real-life challenges, this is just the tip of an ice-berg. At Great Learning, we put immense thought and effort in pushing such initiatives across programs and derive meaningful learning outcomes through them.
Such projects and hackathons have been the core of the teaching methodology at Great Learning and will continue to be so. The purpose is to nurture students to become job-ready professionals who are capable of acing interviews in their respective domains and areas of interest. These methods are replicated across courses to give a similar experience to students and professionals enrolling for any given program.




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