It’s never too late to upskill and change your career path. Kaushal took up the Stanford Advanced Cyber Security Course with Great Learning after working in the hardware industry for 32 years. Read more about her journey.

Tell us about your professional background. 

I was a semiconductor IC Designer and worked mainly with analogue devices. I graduated in 1998 and was in the semiconductor industry for 32 years. This year I took a break and wanted to explore and change my career track and avenue.

Why Great Learning? 

There were mentor sessions and lab sessions. I thought that this would help me in getting associated with people in a local organisation and network that may help me connect with a good opportunity. 

Why did you choose to upskill?

I had spent a long time in the hardware industry. I feel that hardware without the knowledge of software might not be useful going forward. You need to have multi-disciplinary knowledge to move forward in your career. I felt a liking towards cybersecurity, and it is a good entry point into the software. It includes hardware and software activities and that my knowledge about semiconductors will help me move forward. 

What did you like the most about the course? 

The subjects that were chosen were good. It gave me a lot of references that I could use going forward. The course was well structured, and the professors were to the point. The video lectures and lab sessions were helpful. The articulation of the professors was really good, I could understand the concepts easily even though I was completely new in this field. The content in the curriculum was good. It went step-by-step, from the simple course concepts to the difficult concepts. We also gained knowledge about the industry, and real-time knowledge too. 

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